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Meow meow Island! (Tashirojima, part 3!)

Whew! Wow.. I think that I’ve recovered enough to continue on. Sweet kitties that don’t have homes really can get to me (as you can imagine, those commercials where someone finally gets in touch with their long-lost family member have me completely destroy me).

There were a lot of cats in Tashirojima, but that’s not all that there were.. there was also a lot of history. A lot of neat architecture. Actually, some really, really neat architecture that will be coming up soon!

It was overall a really neat place. I wouldn’t mind coming back sometime, to stay in some of that really neat architecture that I mentioned.. (you’ll see!)

We continued down stormy roads, greeted by kitties here and there. It wasn’t like the place was overwhelmed with kitties, as I’d imagined it would be, but there were certainly more than in most cities that I’ve been to.

This sign talks about the history of this area. Mainly about a guy from the Hiratsuka clan, whom I have never heard of. Does anyone know of them?

I found myself wondering whether these buildings were previously damaged, or whether it was something that happened with the tsunami. It’s hard to tell. Some tsunami evidence was obvious along the coast, but a lot of the houses looked like they would have been easily swept away, so it couldn’t have been as bad here as on the mainland… right?

Ah! There was the other side of the island, already! It couldn’t have taken more than 15 minutes to walk over the hill and arrive on the opposite shore. It turned out that we had walked across the short way, but if you went lengthwise, the island would take at least half an hour to get from one side to the other. ^^


We walked along near the shore, and could see some damage that was probably actually caused by the tsunami, like poles that had been bent in, empty foundations that seemed like they had recently contained houses. I wonder what happened to the people inside, if they were safe..

There were cats here too, of course. 😉

And, the weirdest of all things: a dead turtle! I thought that this was a live turtle!

..turned out that it wasn’t. :/…………………………..

There was one thing that I really wanted to see on this island, besides the cats. That was the cat-shaped houses of “manga island.” I finally got my GPS to work, and it pointed us up into the forested hill on the East side of the island.

You can’t tell well here, but there were giant spiders in giant webs all over the place! It’s the same with my neighborhood, so I wasn’t surprised, but it really is scary.


Just down that path… we finally found what we were looking for!

What was it? Here’s the next post, where you find out: http://www.jamieism.com/1478/japan-travel/manga-island-on-cat-island


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