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Kadowaki Elementary School

Now, I’m traveling mentally back to Ishinomaki, land of destruction and devastation. Hang in there though, because although I’m almost done, this is the eeriest part of our journey.

It was cold, and the rain was drizzling slowly down onto us. Even though it was more or less still summer, the wind and rain were really cold.

The desolation was really weighing heavily on me, and it felt sacrilegious to talk, so we trudged on in silence. Eventually,  something caught our eyes in the distance.

I thought that it was another apartment building, but, oh, was I ever wrong!

It was a school. Or, at least, at one time it had been a school..

We walked down this street, gazing softly around us, when a building came into view in the distance.

Another apartment building, maybe?



It was an elementary school. The tsunami had done it’s damage there, and the school was only just barely standing.


All that was left was concrete. At least, from a distance. Signs posted outside said, “entrance by unauthorized personnel is forbidden,” and although a van nearby selling photographs and a few old ladies looking them over were the only signs of life, I didn’t feel that it was appropriate to trespass.

Normally, I wouldn’t care, but this had been an elementary school, and now it was just ruins.

What had happened to the students?


It turned out that most of the children made it out in time, but this area was drowned in tsunami water and debris, and ended up going up in flames. The entire area was an inferno, riding on top of the waves.

I don’t know how, but even though the school caught fire, and the inside is completely stuffed with debris, the blue motto above the school was alright:

“Grow up with your heart and body.”


Next to the school, there is a graveyard. It’s not something new; it was there before the earthquake, the souls of the dead watching over the children. Apparently they must have been, since most of the children made it out alright.


We eventually had had enough time feeling melancholy, and headed out. There were a few more surprises waiting for us, though. This was one..


Do you see it?


The other surprise will be coming in the next post, so come back soon!! (^o^)/


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