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Tokyo Tower a-go-go!

I promised some Tokyo Tower in my last post, and here it is!! 🙂

Just a month ago, it was warm enough where I could wear a sundress without a jacket, but today on the day after Thanksgiving, I’m all bundled up in a fuzzy blanket, and it’s still freezing. Brr!

But, oh yes.. Tokyo Tower!

We turned a corner, and there was Tokyo Tower! Just right there minding it’s own business, towering all over everything. It had just been hiding behind buildings just a fraction of it’s height!

How could we have missed it..? 😉

Tokyo Tower was there in all it’s glory….


And so was a building with walls made of grass, by the way! Talk about going green, lol! =(^-^)=


Tokyo Tower is at heart a signal tower, and as such, it towers over everything. To be expected, lol.


At least it’s very photogenic. *^-^*


Japan never misses an opportunity to turn something into a cute little character, with which to plaster all overall sorts of things that you can spend money on. 🙂


The fashionable pink guy in the sign is Noppon, the official mascot of Tokyo Tower..


Even funnier than the outside, though… was the gift shop inside!


As I said, here are mechanical pencils shaped like Noppon! Wouldn’t you like one of those in your hand? 😉


There are all kinds of things inside!


From gold-laminated plates..


To souvenier mugs of all shapes and sizes..


To vaguely adult goods! I mean.. stretch banana??!


I particularly loved this washcloth with a chibi Tokyo Tower on it!


If you’re feeling the heat, you can even dress like Granny! XD;;


And Tamara models my favorite toys– dinosaurs!!


At that point, Tamara and I left the Tower and headed off in search of something very special that was known to lurk nearby.. Godzilla! 😀 😀 😀

The post about our search for Godzilla is coming!


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