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Piles and piles of cars.

There was much more than just houses. Around a corner, right next to the seaside, lay piles and piles of cars.

Some looked like cars, but others bear no resemblance at all to a vehicle. It was like a twisted, rusting metal graveyard.

It was so eerie.

These cars are there because according to Japanese law, the government could not dispose of a car without the permission of it’s owner, and so until the owner came forward to identify a car, it had to sit abandoned in the car yard.

It seems a bit preposterous, considering the circumstances, but I read a while back that the government was going to implement a special law just for cars abadoned in the tsunami. There was still quite a few resting in these ghost yards, though..


A sign detailing the terms of this “car park.”


The rows stretched on and on. We didn’t go inside, since there were people patrolling the grounds and we didn’t want to get in trouble, but just seeing the wreckage from outside was sobering enough.


I wonder if people had been inside this car, when..


Barely recognizable as a car.


Some were fairly intact, and others were caved in, destroyed and rotting away.


There were some, though, where it was hard to believe that it had ever been a car.


This was a car? Wow..


A delivery bike for the popular pizza company, Pizza La, sits amid the cars. It looked so new in comparison that I almost wondered if the guards working here had ordered pizza for lunch.


The next post is… garbage! Don’t knock it until you see it, though!

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