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Tokyo from above!

When I said in my last post that we were heading somewhere special, I meant one of my favorite places in the city. It’s got as good of a view as Tokyo Tower, the new Sky Tree, and the Mori Tower in Roppongi, and the best part is.. this building is FREE!

Those are the magic words, right? FREEEEEE. So for anyone crunching their money yet wants to make the most of their day, it’s well worth it to head up there! There is also a cafe, which is understandably pricey, but there are plenty of benches for those of us who don’t want to (or can’t afford to) dish out the money!

Like me! I definitely need to seek out another job to keep me afloat while I get my manga up and running. (Job #3 ftw!) I am feeling the money crunch in London, as well, but still enjoying myself!

What.. you want to see pictures? Well, since my  photography and life experiences are the main focus of this blog, you shall have to wait no further! 😀



This view is gorgeous, and it cost nothing to to see it. That that, Tokyo Sky Tree!


See the Cocoon building that I mentioned yesterday?


I love it because you can also look down and lord over all of the tiny little people and little matchbox cars down below. 🙂 🙂


This is the famous Yoyogi Park, seen from above. Former home to the Olympics, and current home to Gothic Lolitas and JRock cosplayers. 🙂




Oh, look, Sky Tree, I can see you!


I went here for Tamara’s sake… ostensibly. XP


We were just in time, because the clouds looked LOVELY, and it was just about sunset. 🙂


Tamara took this picture.  She’s a videographer by trade, but a pretty good photographer as well, of course!


Pretty, pretty clouds.


I loved this blue building, which stole the show. I wonder what it is! I think that I shall have to go find out one day!


And so, we exited the tower… but I have a few more photos for you, waiting in the next post!

See you soon!


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