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People-watching in Shinjuku, part 2 (*^-^*)

I promised that I would continue, right? 😀

There are plenty more interesting photos of pedestrians in here, so please take a look!

Ooh, and I love comments!! (Just saying!)

The stylish young and old alike mix on the streets of Shinjuku.


Meditative guy crossing the street.


A cool guy crossing the street.


She is absorbed in her smartphone, as most people in Tokyo are nowadays.


Shorts because it was a hot day, even though in London a week later, it’s FREEZING.


Here are some random, but interesting drinks from First Kitchen!


It was nearing sunset at the time that we went. Isn’t it beautiful?


“Hmm, I think that I’ll have some curry.”


“”Yes, I’ll definitely have some curry.”


Getting a piggyback ride from Dad must be a blast. 🙂


It’s looking dark in some of the side streets, as the sun is being hidden by the towering skyscrapers.


Some photos of buildings reflected in other buildings.


And “The cocoon.” It’s an office building and art school, among other things. It’s also excessively cool. 🙂


Tamara was taking video for a project while I was snapping photos. 🙂


This building, with the giant mushrooms on it, is where we were heading. Do you know what it is?


Standing at the precipice, so to speak. We were about to enter the building through the basement..


Does anyone know what building this is? Trust me that if you don’t know, it’s worth learning!! Especially if you are coming to or live in Tokyo!

I’ll post the pictures that I took there in the next post!! Stay tuned!

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