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Kamakura photo journey part 3 (*^-^*) (Enoshima a go-go!)

After Kamakura, Tamara and I headed off to Enoshima, a small island nearby. The train was really slow, though, and it wasn’t until after dark that we reached the little island!

I love Enoshima, and have been there almost every summer since I moved to Japan, even if it’s just for one day at a time. There is something eclectic and quaint about it. ^^

Unfortunately, that eclecticness was a little bit too quaint to be open after dark, and the gorgeous shopping streets were all closed down (even though it was only just after 6 pm!). Mucho sadface. 🙁

Next time, I guess!

We did get some pretty pictures, though. ^^


Oh, right! There was still a little bit of buddha to explore. 🙂


They had all sorts of awesome things to sell, of course! This is Japan, where things-you-own = status!


Back on the train, on our way to Enoshima, there was this little boy who kept STARING. I guess he wanted a picture! (Too bad that I had my camera set to automatic focus, and it focused on the wrong thing!)


I noticed for the first time that if you touch the door, your hand will emit sparks! Just like an X-man!


Drink of the day was green tea. It was so humid that if you didn’t drink a lot, you would expand like a balloon from dehydration! (It goes opposite of what common sense says, but the less you drink and more you sweat, the more bloated you will become! It’s true! I’m used to drinking a ton in super-humid Japan, but poor Tamara wasn’t!)


Camera people unite!


This lady on the train was staring and giggling. I guess she wanted her picture taken too!


Ooh! Right around sunset, we caught our first glimpse of Enoshima island!


Surfers were out in full steam! 🙂 I watched them, and it made me want to try surfing, too!


This is a little 3D mural of Enoshima area that is at the nearby station. 🙂


The sign reared it’s ugly head again! XDXDD;


And join us for a walk around the city. 🙂


On the way home, there was a gorgeous full moon out. You can’t really see it well in the photograph, but there was a rainbow in the halo. (Think the moon is gay?? :D) <3


Well, that is all from me, but I snagged a few of Tamara’s pictures, and I will put them up in a few hours! Let me know what you think so far!!

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