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Kannamachi Dinosaur Park (and surprise!)

I’ll take a little time out of drawing, to finish up the last in this series of posts!! Yay! (?)

By the way, I was in Kannamachi Dinosaur Park! (*^o^*)

You can check out a review website here: http://www.tripadvisor…

I have a few pictures, and at the end.. why this place was really founded, and why I wanted to go there!!


Me with the entrance sign..


First up are some pictures of the museum! This is the museum’s mascot:


Of course, they have real fossils too!


This was just a little display that lit up and played noise when you pushed a button, but it creeped the bejeesus out of me, because the “noise” was huge, thundering footsteps of a Tyrannosaurus creeping up on you!

It brought back memories of Jurassic Park.. (o.o);;


Some more fossils here that I liked..


And one unique thing about the park: a replica of a Trex skeleton.. THAT YOU COULD CLIMB ON! That is pretty cool, if you ask me!


These fossils are replicas of famous fossils from Mongol. There were a lot, but I only took pictures of my favorites. 🙂


This is why the museum was founded, and it’s not technically in the museum!! Nearby, there are dinosaur footprints that were discovered in a wall while a local highway was being built.

There are the footprints of two types of dinosaurs (One similar to a Brontosaurus- the puckered-looking holes above- and one similar to a Velociraptor- the ones that I’m pointing to).

The wall is vertical due to seismic activity in the past, but can you believe that Dinosaurs once were walking on this very spot, and this is the proof? Right there, dinosaurs…

I can’t lie, I actually nearly started crying!


And then, what made my dream come true!! I’ve always wanted to dig up fossils, and you can do it nearby!!!! The museum will arrange to take you on a “dig,” and provide the tools… you can actually excavate fossils and crack them open!! It’s mainly tiny little shells and things like that, but I actually found fossils!

Me! Me!! I found fossils!! It is a little thing, but one of the coolest things that I’ve ever done!


I wish that I could go back… I definitely would if I could! It’s a bit of a pain to get there without a car, but we were able to take trains and buses and it was totally worth it!

The address is on the site that I linked to at the top of the post, so you can put it into Google Maps and find out the best way for you to get there in your situation, and my whole story is available in the Asahi Weekly story that is only on sale this week!

Okay, well, I am a dinosaur fanatic, I’ll admit it! But how about you?? Anyone else want to go digging for fossils, or has done it before?


It’s a little bit weird too, to think that dinosaurs really once existed in Japan. I mean… it hardly seems big enough, this tiny island, lol!

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