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Hmm.. where did I go this time?


My latest edition of Jamie on the Go is in this week’s edition of Asahi Weekly!

Where did I go? How did one of my dreams come true?? You’ll have to pick up the issue to find out right now! In the meantime, I’ve got a few pictures for you that didn’t make it into the issue, and to whet your appetite!!

You can pick up Asahi Weekly in most convenience stores and bookstores in Japan, or online on places like Fujisan. To my knowledge, it’s not available on Amazon or any place that ships overseas, but I will keep trying to find a way to get it to everyone overseas! Maybe one day, I can publish all of my articles in a book. I’ve been writing for them for over 4 years now, after all! 😀

But anyways, read on for a bit about one of my dream-come-trues!! 

Well, the first part wasn’t a dream of mine, but it seems like a Shinkansen (bullet train) ride is something that everyone in Japan has done.

.. Everybody but me, that is! Somehow,when I told people that I’d never been on a bullet train, they were always shocked. I’m not sure why, though. Shinkansens are the most expensive way to travel in Japan. More expensive than to fly, most of the time! I just have never really had that extra.

But because I wasn’t paying for it, I got to ride this time! Yeah!


Honestly, it turned out that they weren’t that exciting. It was nice getting a real seat (as opposed to a bench) though! I tried to take a picture, but it really wasn’t all that exciting.

We (my editor, Yoko, and I) got off of the Shinkansen up in Gunma prefecture. It was sweltering hot and muggy. It was there, in Gunma station, that I spotted this little Daruma guy. (Read about Daruma here).


Very cute! Or, maybe scary… But in any case, he was very detailed! I thought that it was cute, for some reason.

We still needed to continue our journey, so we switched to a little local train. By little, I mean that it was two cars long, and we were almost the only passengers. It also had.. omg.. a toilet on the train! It isn’t unheard of, but I hadn’t seen one since I first came to Japan! Even better, it was a squat toilet..

Considering that it’s (apparently) hard to aim while the toilet is on stationary ground, I can’t imagine what that toilet looks like after just one use, and I would have never stepped inside, lol!



We then switched to a bus that took us up into the country… 2 hours up into the countryside!


And then, we saw this in the distance…


Where, oh where did we go?

Does anybody who paid special attention to my Twitter at the time, know? Or have you picked up AW and know already? ;DD

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!!

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