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Culture Japan Night ♪

I really need to get out of my shell and socialize a bit more..! Thinking that, I forced myself to get out of the house when I was invited to Danny Choo’s Culture Japan night! It was last night in Akihabara, the otaku mecca of Tokyo (so to speak)

I actually had a lot of fun! *^-^* I’ve never been to one of these events in a long time, and generally I’m pretty shy, but there were a few things that were really enticing about the party–

No smoking, no drinking allowed (Totally my favorite kind of party!!)! Photos not just allowed but encouraged, another big plus! And of course, lots and lots of anime/manga fans! I can totally get behind that! 🙂

I got to see some good friends, and also did not get hit on EVEN ONCE! I consider that a successful night!

Well, at the  party, anyways. I caught the last train back home afterwards, and didn’t get home until 2 am, which means that the trains were full of drunk sleazebags that did some reprehensible things.

Men of Tokyo: From a young girl to all of you: Please do not hit on us! Don’t ask us out without knowing anything about us, don’t stare at us, try to touch us, or make rude gestures in our directions! It does nothing but make us think that you are disgusting/rude perverts! And in my case, you make me feel uncomfortable and unsafe. I nearly kicked a guy in the crotch for waving it in my face, but lucky for him, he speedily left the train. He must have seen the intent in my eyes! NEXT TIME!

But nice guys who just want to talk to me because we have common interests, and have NO intention of hitting on me, I want to be friends with you guys. 🙂

But, back to the party!! 🙂 I took a lot of pictures, and even a video of me singing Soft Kitty! Click through to see it!


Me, on the train on the way. ♪  I live far out in the suburbs, so it takes me quite a while to get to Akihabara. 🙂  There was some problem going on on the tracks, so our train got stopped for about 20 minutes. 🙂


These next few are from my iphone ♪

“Go go curry.” Apparently the “go” stands for “gorilla!” Umm, scrumptious!


The moon was just starting to stand out. 🙂


The NEET police!

My friend Steve Nagata, who was running a live stream at the party. Did anyone see it? 🙂

The voice actress who sings the opening for the Culture Japan Tv show was there. At one point, I sat down next to her, but I didn’t realize it until afterwards, lol.

There were lots of types of people there. 🙂

Me and Mike. Mike is my fellow Trekkie friend, we always get really excited over Star Trek conversation, lol. 😀

Me and Guest of Honor Mirai-chan. XD;; Best friends!


Pude-chan♪ http://pude.blog94.fc2.com/


Steve had the most AWESOME toy. EVER! This is what I am buying myself for Christmas this year!! No contest. It was a light-up ball that’s controlled by a smartphone app. I had a blast driving it around the party and scaring people!!!! XDD It seems that they are quite expensive, but they are TOTALLY worth the money. If I wasn’t going to London and therefore broke, I would totally buy one right now!

They have a website, here:  http://gosphero.com/


With Xavier Bensky and Danny Choo.  🙂 I need me some of those emotion-controlled cat ears!


With Nagato Pyon-chan


I saw a cute itasha (otaku-fied car) on the way out of the venue. You always see the most interesting things in Akihabara. 🙂

And I got invited to a concert next month! I don’t know if I will go or not, but if you’re interested, cosplayers get in super-cheap!


Oh yes, and I mentioned a video, didn’t I?

I shall be forever shamed. XD What do you think? Vocal tips? LOL..

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