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Tamagawa fireworks festival! (*^-^*)

Every year (except last year– you know, Earthquake and all), Yokohama city throws a huge fireworks display on the Tama river. I didn’t realize that it was going on yesterday until around 5 (it startsat 7), and so I threw on a dress, grabbed my camera and tripod, and flew out the door to join my friends! I made it just in time. 🙂

This is my first time taking pictures of fireworks with a DSLR, and even though I used a tripod, I don’t think that I got professional-level pictures. I definitely, definitely have a long way to go! It was a blast experimenting, though! Want to see some more pictures? 😀

The thing about Japanese fireworks is that there are a lot of them, and some of them are really creative. The big shows like this go on for about an hour, and include music and things like that!

Watching the colors explode across the sky is really soothing, even if the fields are really crowded. Far more crowded than even the 4th of July back in my tiny hometown in the US, even though there was nothing else to do in that little city! Here in Tokyo, there are always tons of things to do during the summer, and fireworks somewhere every weekend (even during the weekdays sometimes!), but they are still so popular! As if there is nothing else to do, which is so not true!

Of course, the festivities bring out a lot of rude people, though I suppose you can’t win them all! I just wish that people here were just a little more considerate (and wholesome) and didn’t smoke/drink/hit on people in public.. ^^; At least I was only hit on a few times!

The fireworks are pretty, at least! Fireworks, food, friends, and a warm night! Take out the inconsiderate people, add my girlfriend, and it’d be a perfect night!

One good thing regardless, though, are the food vendors! Japanese festival food is delicious!!! It’s just as unhealthy as American festival food (most of it is deep-fried or cooked in a lot of oil/sugar), but it sure is delicious! I could live on it, if I didn’t mind gaining a lot of weight!


So… what do you guys think? Have any tips on how to get great pictures at night with an average camera? Is it my lens? Or is there just no way to get non-blurry pictures of people at night unless they stop moving around?

I look forward to learning! After all, one of the items on my bucket list is to have a phogotraphy exhibit one day! 😀 <3

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