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Happy 32nd birthday, Jamie!

Whew!! I’m now 32… an old maid, right? Or technically, today 11,683 days. WHOA! Old and crusty and “experienced…” Except that I feel like my life hasn’t really started! Which makes me wonder.. how old is everyone that comes and reads about my life here? Tell me! 😀

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Oh yes. My birthday was the other day, and I had an existential experience..!

Let’s not talk about that, though! It involved a certifiably evil person that used to be in my life and isn’t anymore! So I tried to remain in a good mood by having a really small party with some good friends!

We went to eat at a mexican restaurant in Hiroo called La Jolla. If nothing else, this place is the best (Here is their website: http://www.la-jolla.jp/)! All of the dishes are dripping in cheese, beans, peppers, and all of the good stuff! Gaaaah…. Japan is starved for mexican food, and this is the way to get your fix, I tell you!

Usually I have giant birthday parties with almost everyone I know, but this year, I was a bit worn out from all of the stress over the winter, so I kept it really, really small. (Small for me, anyways!)

Here is the gang!

I was so touched to be able to gather with a big group of my friends to celebrate my birthday. It takes times like these to push home the fact that I really am loved. And that, no matter what happens, I will never be alone.

I love all of my friends, all of you! Those of you who couldn’t come, as well, you are the thing that make me strive to always be a better person ♥

A blurry happy birthday wish to all:

The interior of the restaurant is really small, but it’s full of mexican flavor.

Maybe a bit kitcshy..

But it’s kinda cute, right?

I haven’t been to Mexico (unless you count walking over the border into Tijuana as a child), so I don’t know how much of Mexican “decor” is authentically Mexican, and how much is authentically stereotyped.

Anyone have an answer?

Here are a few more pictures of the interior:

After that, a few of us walked around the city, and just hung out. The sun was blazing hot and it was deathly humid (literally!), but we had slurpees, so we were all taken care of! 😀

Alright, I have to cut out, since I need to go to the immigration office and then to a friend’s for dinner! I will be back later!

Leave lots of comments and tell me how much you missed me! (^3^)~☆

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