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Kitchen SOS!

So many people are asking to see the kitchen in my new kitchen, and it seems like I’ve stalled when it comes to decorating for the moment, so I’m.. gruuuuuudgingly obliging!

Actually, I need your help! Major, major help!


What you see above is what I have to work with.

There really isn’t any counter space, and until I have enough money saved up to buy a kitchen island or something like that, I just set some old cheap bookcases along the wall and use the top of them as a counter. It’s a really temporary DIY arrangement, lol.

I’d rather that my apartment doesn’t look like a college student’s, even if I’m not going to be here forever. It’s the little details that matter, I think!

There are a lot of things to do, but what I need help with most are THOSE CUPBOARDS!! They are flimsy wood with plastic laminate on the face. One of the cabinets doesn’t even have a latch, so it hangs open all of the time (the one on the bottom left). orz…

These same hideous cabinets and old metal “countertop” are pretty standard for Japanese apartments. Theyve been in every single apartment that I’ve lived in and been shown in the 8 years and 8 different places that I’ve lived in. Unless you make big bucks, buy your own apartment, or are really lucky and know somebody who owns a nicer place, then it’s really likely that you are stuck with a variation of these same ugly cabinets, the built-in metal “counter”, and the same bring-your-own grill.

Pretty unattractive, I think.  Japanese apartments don’t come with any appliances. Mine didn’t even come with an air-conditioner! I had to buy one and have it installed. The fridge, microwave, washer, oven, stovetop, toaster, etc, are all mine. When I ran from my abusive ex, I had to buy everything but the fridge and the washer, since almost everything had belonged to him in the old place.

So, I’m trying to figure out how to make the kitchen look gorgeous, and I figure that first off is to do something about the hideous cupboards. I can’t paint them or replace them, but I have been thinking about these options:

+ Cover them with some sort of fabric. The problem is that this would be really hard to clean, unless it’s easily removable (how do I do that with the handles there?)
+ Alternatively, cover them with some sort of plastic. I’m not sure how to attach it and make it removable.
+ In one of my older apartments, I covered the hideous cabinets just like these with contact paper. It helped a bit, but it was a pain to remove. I’m not planning on staying here for more than another year, so I need something easier to remove.
+ Maybe make a fabric curtain and attach it to the edge of the metal counter, somehow? It would probably improve the look, but I still don’t think that it would really look all that great.

Does anyone else have any suggestions? Please help!! Here are a few more shots: (~O~;;;)

My fridge is a nice one that I bought three or four years ago. It’s been moved three times, so I’m not sure if it will last much longer. Love it, anyways, even if I’m over the stainless steel thing now. I kinda want a white, or green (or yellow!) fridge next time!

And, the only way that I get through some days, lol…

So, again….. HELP! How can I deal with those cabinets? After the cabinets, it’s probably time to tackle the walls. I wish that they had removable wallpaper in Japan. Although I wonder how well it would work over the usual flimsy, easily-tearable wallpaper that is in place now.

(By the way, tomorrow just happens to be my birthday! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! My favorite day of the year, and this year I have a lot to be thankful for. 🙂 )

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