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This month’s iphone pictures (July 2012)!

This month was filled with excitement and adventure! Well, as much adventure as I can pack in to a life with my budget 😉 I questioned whether I want to stay in Japan for the meantime (I do), came up with all sorts of life goals, and embarked on a new chapter in life..

It’s been a very busy month, in more ways than one. 🙂

On the first, I went on a cherry and peach picking tour with Lindsay, Adele, and Kimberly. It was my first time on a Japanese day bus tour, and it was actually quite satisfying! It wasn’t expensive, either. Totally, totally worth the cost!

You can read more about our experience here: A day Cherry and Peach Picking in Japan!
The tour isn’t available any longer, but you can see what other tours are currently being offered on the HATO Bus Tour Homepage: http://www.hatobus.co.jp/index.html

I had filming for my tv show the next day, where I was really surprised to learn that I’d grown about 1 cm (1/2 in)! When did that happen?!

More cherry and peach fun

I learned how to make homemade peanut butter, and decided to never go back to store-bought! Rethinking my decision right now, though, since it’s really hot and making peanut butter requires being in the hot kitchen. It also makes me clean out the blender.

I think I’ll crack soon, though, anyways. 😛

Then, Adele and Kimberly threw a Game of Thrones season 1 marathon party! They surprised us with tons of delicious food from the official cookbook, and we had a grand time! I did fall asleep once, but that’s because I was so stuffed 😀

For that aforementioned party, I made cheese! On my own! As far as homemade food goes, I was on a roll in July (then it got hot, lol). 😉

Met up with my travel companion for London, Miho, and she gave me some gorgeous jasmine tea. Real flowers, and really delicious flavors!! 😀

Someone posted a picture of us falling asleep at the Game of Thrones party, and I figured that since it was already out on the internet, might as well post it on my blog, too! XDDD

Then, it started to get hot, and I started to contemplate starting to use the A/C. Not looking forward to the power bills, but at least I’m not getting heatstroke or sweating all of the time! Whew!

I obsessed over my plants a lot this month. This might be because I live alone and have no pets. They are my sole companions, and the heat is killing some of them….. ;o;

Went out to eat with Reina, got upset because she can’t respect my desire to not have smoke around, and I ended up telling her that I just can’t be around someone who doesn’t respect that.

I haven’t heard from her since. But oh well. My health thanks me, and after Makoto, I don’t want anything that damages my mental -or- physical health around in my life anymore. Better decisions, ftw. 🙂

Speaking of which. The symbol on the right is the one that indicates priority seating (for the elderly, disabled, etc). I think that it looks like an alien, though. Do you see it?

Found some amusing stationary (and bought it to write to my niece XD).

Went to the Asahi Weekly offices to meet with my new editor. I will miss the old one, although we’ll remain friends I’m sure!

Reminisced about China while I was writing blog posts about it.

And walked around the neighborhood whenever I felt like braving the weather!

Then, I finally ordered a couch. It’s green, and I’m so glad that I did! It has made life a bit easier. 🙂

Ate hamburger pancakes with Eda:

Discovered sunflowers for 3/11 had been planted  down the street:

Read a lot of horror manga from Ciao:

And ended the month with a long, long day! Lol…


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