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Peopleness in Japan!

Just for your viewing pleasure, some people that I have spotted recently. Completely normal Japanese people, doing completely normal Japanese things. (*^-^*)

People are this way! —————->

Here is a schoolgirl sleeping on the train. Or rather.. pretending to sleep! She “woke up” very suddenly at her stop and got off the train! Hmmmm..

She is a rarity because her skirt is not rolled up– it’s long and covering her knees instead of rolled up around the waistband to make it shorter. I’ve been seeing long skirts more and more recently, but miniskirts are still more popular. I like the longer skirt, myself! (I didn’t used to)

Well, it’s only fair. Here are my feet! I’m taking the yellow polish off today, though. I wonder which color to do next! Maybe purple, white, or blue… or white with red spots, lol. Ooh! I think I’ll do a sun design!

These two little girls that I spied the other day were adorable! One of them fell asleep on the other. I&m not sure if they were sisters or friends– either way, they were adorable! (*^-^*)

And older gentleman reading the paper, leaning against the train door. I really like his hat.

Some women on the train. They aren’t particularily fashionable for Tokyo, but I think that they’re much more dressed up than most small towns in America. Am I right? It’s been a while since I’ve been to the states. What are they like now?

This is an advertisement for some magazine that said, “You can see the world that can’t usually be seen!” It seems to match me pretty well. I probably should buy it! These days, I don’t really buy many magazines, except for manga. I really like magazines, though. So glossy and shiny. It’s a bummer to waste paper, but I like the pretty pages…

I don’t know what these guys were looking at, but look at the guy’s face in the background. Priceless! XD

Here is just a lady walking in my station.

And another on the escalator. I wish that I was bold enough to snap more pictures from the front! I don’t want anyone to use these photos for bad purposes.. just rather to kind of feel as if you’re here with me, right beside me here in Japan.

If I was bolder, I’d take more photos of people’s faces. I mean, you can see them walking along the street, and the law is that you can take photos in any public place, so that’s why I feel that it’s alright to take them.

I imagine that a lot of people don’t feel the same way, though.

But in any case… there’s something that I really want to say about my personal life. I wonder if it’s alright… 🙂

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