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Interlude in Inokashira Park~♪

Thanks for all of the comments about gardening, guys! It’s battle-the-aphids TIME! >:)))

The heat and humidity is really strong every day recently. Shining, hot sun combined with 90% and up humidity plus upper 90s in temperature. It’s no wonder that there are hundreds of cases of heatstroke reported every day! (Especially because people wear long sleeves in this weather!) I try to stay cool as best that I can.

But sometimes I still have to get out! If I spend all of my free time in my house alone drawing, I might develop a butt-rash or something.. right? So here, come with me to Inokashira Park! It’s in Kichijoji too, about a block away from the pancake place.. 🙂

Welcome to Inokashira Park! This part represents a lot of Tokyo public parks well. Little to no grass, lots of dirt, and tons of trees! Also, a lake, and swan boats. Inokashira park is really well-known for hanami (sakura watching/picnicking) in the spring, and for couples boating around in giant swans. 🙂

There are many different people in Inokashira park. Old ladies, too, enjoy strolls in the afternoon heat. It was a weekend, but there weren’t all that many people. Probably because it was in the upper 90s and outdoors feels like a sauna, even in the shade!

Pretty, pretty sunlight streaming through the trees. 🙂

This is a metal pole. But you probably don’t need me to tell you, lol. It’s followed by some cones and bikes, and scenery of awesomeness. I find the leaves to be so beautiful!

This is why I like using a lens with such shallow focus as this one. It makes things look almost like they’re out of a fairy tale, instead of the real world. Maybe these lenses are the best as exposing the world that we humans can’t normally see.

I think that maybe this bush harbors faeries. You can hear them buzzing in the summer, or so I like to believe. 🙂

A white cap so that you won’t trip over it at night.

It’s summer, so that brings out all sorts of weird mushrooms and moss. Bright orange mushrooms seem a bit dangerous to me.

Keep on going! Don’t give up hope!


And then, I spied THIS fellow. This evil, EVIL-looking crow. They say that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but SERIOUSLY!? I judge, and am judged in return.

Luckily, if you need to escape (have you ever seen Hitchcock’s The Birds?), there is always the water just through the trees.

What you don’t know is that it’s full of meat-eating FISH! AAAHHHHHH!!

You go running for safety, intending to escape into the cool depths of green water, only to find…


It looks so idyllic, but don’t be fooled. Kichijoji is like that; full of surprises.

Are you sure that you want to go? There’S a scary little kid in the bottom of this picture..

And this guy is not Taylor Swift, yet bears the number 13. Hmm..

Suspiciouser and suspiciouser.

In fact, using your cell phone may be the last thing that you do here…

This post somehow turned into a mock-horror story. I remember writing about fairies in the earlier paragraphs. What happened?

I blame the horror mangas that I’ve been reading. Summer is the season of Horror in Japan, and the ghosts are said to become more active. I’ve heard it attributed to the fact that it’s so humid, which supposedly causes steam, and people think that the steam formations are spirits. I’ve never seen anything like that, though.


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