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Whew! Is it ever getting hot! I just turned on my a/c and have it set to 80, yet the air that it’s blowing out feels like heaven. 🙂 (My electricity bill won’t, though!) I want to go back my nice, cool memories of Beijing.

The first part of my trip was tiring and a bit confusing, but good.

There was one thing, though, that had me a little bit confuddled. I couldn’t muster up the courage to order food in a restaurant. All of the menus that I saw didn’t have pictures, too! And then, all that I could find was tiny little mom-and-pop type shops. I’m shy, and I was too intimidated.

Let me say that I did study Chinese before I went to China, so at least I thought that I could count and say “my name is Jamie. I’m an American. Hi, how are you today? I’m fine.” But little good did that do in real life. ToT

So, I did what any shy traveler would do in my situation! I went hungry. Until, that is, I found a 7-11.

NOW THIS WAS SOMETHING THAT SEEMED POSSIBLE! I was so starving! 7-11 became my main staple for lunchtime excursions where I was alone, and therefore shy. Pick out food, take it to the counter, and pay realllllllllly close attention to the numbers on the register so that I would know how much to pay. It was a lot like when I first came to Japan. I probably should work harder on getting over my shyness, though I’m not sure how. I’m much less shy when I’m doing something for the sake of someone that I care about, though.

Aaaanyways, I finally figured out how to ride the Beijing subway on this day!! YAY! \(^o^)/

Or rather, Greg helped me buy a subway card, and I used it copiously. Trains in CHina are dirt cheap. My experience with the subway was that it was dirtier and slightly more shabby than Japan, but otherwise not really all that different. Not as many guys in suits, I guess, during the times that I was riding. Otherwise, armed with my english map, it wasn’t all that different! (Except the price!)

I ended up at my destinations- the Ancient Observatory and the City Wall Ruins Park!

The Ancient Observatory was built in 1442 and served astronomers in the Ming and Qing dynasties in their reports about the stars for the Emperor. I have a real passion for the skies and outer space. Sometimes, I’ve spent hours at a time trying to comprehend just how big outer space is, and I can never quite grasp it. It’s so huge…..

Surely some other people do this?

Anyways, it was fascinating. It was gorgeous. And luckily, the Ming City Wall Ruins Park was nearby.

I just like old, crumbly things. 🙂 Who doesn’t?

Crumbly, crumbly!

The next day, I headed off to Tiananmen Square, and got scared by the military about. Lots of men with guns, in uniform or not, make me nervous….

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