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As usually happens, after writing the last flurry of Assistant posts, something occurred to me. I’d forgotten something actually very important: Choosing the name of the series!

As anyone who has watched the video below already knows, we had a (small?) hand in choosing the name of the Prince of Tennis sequel.

Such as the name is, lol. As I wrote last time, Konomi-sensei announced the title “The New Prince of Tennis” while onstage at JUMP Festa.

Exciting name, I know. (I’m being sarcastic, just in case it doesn’t come across!)

But how did we have a hand in it, you ask? We voted.

During that hellish week leading up to JUMP Festa, the one where we were first exposed to real work, it was a quiet evening. Sensei came in and made a few color photocopies. He asked Kaiwa-san to pass them around.

On them were the sheets that you see in the video– a sheet full of logos! Some said Shin Tennis no Oujisama, and others said Tennis no Oujisama 2. They came in all sorts of colors, and he asked us to look at them and then raise our hands for the ones that we liked.

We narrowed it down to a green-and-red logo that reminded me heavily of Christmas. Me, being in my MUST CORRECT THINGS THAT ARE WRONG mode, I told Konomi-sensei that in America, those were Christmas colors and therefore terribly amusing. In a way that would make people go, “wtf?!”

But since people already routinely go “wtf?!” when reading the series, I was overruled. 😀

And there you have it! I’ll write more about manga soon, but tomorrow I am writing about China! My lone, extremely awesome trip to China where an impertinent man almost bashed my face in! That would have sure ruined my trip! :O Stay tuned! (^o^)/

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