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A rice field after the typhoon

This is a short post, a succinct post, one to not take up too much of your day. 🙂

Just a hop, skip, and a jump back, there was a really, really strong typhoon. One of those yucky evil typhoons that would be awesome if they didn’t do things like kill people, and my zucchini. Someone doesn’t have a dad now because of the typhoon last month, and some other people don’t have zucchini because the typhoon ate them. Evil, evil typhoon!

But, however, Typhoon Guchol, or “the Bad One,” as I call him, left behind beauty in his aftermath. I took some pictures of a nearby rice field in the morning, and I totally forgot abut them until right now!

Enjoy. 🙂

As I left, I was in absolute awe at the deep, deep blue of the sky. It was still quite windy, but the sky was a deep azure. It was breathtaking.

I chose my shoes to match the sky 🙂

I knew, I just knew, that the fields would look gorgeous today. The wind whistled through the rushes, sounding almost menacing!

I tried the same shot with a filter… do you like this one or the original better?

This is it… I don’t know if the farmer realizes how beautiful that I think his field is. Perhaps he doesn’t, but the beauty of it doesn’t change.

There was even life inside of the ponds themselves. Undoubtedly these little tadpoles have grown up to big frogs now that keep all of the neighbors awake. Evil, but in a cute package. 🙂

Life, everywhere. 🙂

Tasting the shore.

To be honest, it might not even be rice. I don’t know. Whatever it is, it is gorgeous, growing in those ponds there!

Do you see what I mean?

Flowers for your shower, they are. 🙂

Thus concludes my walk in a rice field, after the evil typhoon. I love the tranquility of a rice field.. it’s so gorgeous. 🙂

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