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Kyoto the splendiferous!

I’m still waxing poetic about the past, and yesterday I wrote about my experiences with my first Japanese castle, right? We woke up the next morning. I’m a morning person, but I was totally and completely dead. Dead, dead dead. Maybe it was the disappointment. Who wouldn’t be disappointed?

So, I woke up very, very tired, in a very very gorgeous old-style Japanese inn that was actually ran by a foreign guy. XD All of my pictures turned out awful, though! So I don’t have any.

We somehow clambered out of bed, and made it to Kyoto station, bright and early! It was a very sunny, very hot day. Very, very hot day. A day that was very, very full of gold..

There was a tower in Kyoto. Osaka tower?

There were also fallic signs in Kyoto! What an exciting start to the new day!

We boarded a bus, and the first stop on Erin the Magnificent’s list of Things To Do was the Golden Pavillion. What’s that?

Is this it?

Nope. This?

There was an entrance fee, so I guess the real golden pavillion was inside somewhere…

Glamour Pants girl was looking for it, too.

OMG, we found it!!!! Whoa.

Gold. Gold, everywhere.

Everywhere! It turns out that it is real gold. Really. Really, real gold.

It was seriously amazing!! It was in the middle of an island, so there was no way to flake off some of the gold and take it with you! Awww. 🙁 I was having fun anyways!

I have noooooo idea what this is. XD

We departed in the hot sun, and made our way to another temple..

Japan is full of temples.

Seriously, there are temples everywhere!

And stone lions guarding them.

Lots of water, too. Water, everywhere.

Money, everywhere.

Jamies everywhere.

Dragons everywhere.

Cool architecture everywhere.

And weird spires everywhere.

Some places have jungles.

Some places have buddhas.

Some places have bells on ropes.

And some places have all three!

There are old temples.

There are old rock men wearing skirts.

And water. That’s right!!!

I remember now that we had made it to Kiyomizu temple. There was a local legend that said that if you drank the water from this temple, you would be given a wish. What do you think I wished for?

I just wanted to capture an example of the famous conservative dress of Japan. Yes, people are so, so conservative.

Gotta pray for our souls. 🙂

If you rub the buddha, then you get good luck!

Japan has giant fossils!

After this, we just kind of wandered around the old districts, hoping to see Geisha and Temple girls.

It ended up dark, and we ended up back in our hotel, exhausted. 🙂

Little did I know that the next day, I would almost get eaten alive by the wildlife! Not by insects, either…. 😉

It’s getting late as I write, so I’ll finish up tomorrow! 😀

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