Three days ago, I saw Passengers, and I can’t stop thinking about it. I wish that there was a book to read so that I could experience it in greater detail. In short, it was so, so, SO LOVELY… As the plot grew, I sat in the audience wondering whether, in those circumstances, I would do the same thing. Two hours later, I walked out of the theater with so many questions revolving inside of my head, and they still haven’t stopped. This is masterful storytelling. Spoilers abound after this. You have been warned.

I didn’t expect to feel anything like this at all when I went into the theater. Truthfully, I expected very little. Maybe some good special effects and a few warm fuzzies at most. I mean, the trailer made the movie look like a straightforward rom-com/drama in space about two people who woke up 90 years too early on a spaceship bound for a remote new planet. But the trailers were hiding something far more complex; some complicated moral questions about hopeless circumstances and a life worth living.

I never read long reviews before I see a movie because I like the possibility of being surprised, but I did see on Fandango that Rotten Tomatoes had given Passengers a score of 32%. But here’s the catch. Reviewers didn’t like it, but I’m starting to think that it’s one of the most poignant movies I’ve ever seen, and it may have just made it into my top 5 movies ever. If someone doesn’t have the same taste as me, we probably won’t like the same movies, which is definitely what happened here. For another example, I loved Arrival, after all (it changed my life), and Thuy couldn’t stop complaining about how boring it was during the movie.

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I was going to write about my visit to the King Kamehameha statue the other day, but I just watched the midseason finale of Lucifer, and Lucifer and Chloe are all I can think about..

I’m going to try to straighten my thoughts out..

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Morning, minna! I’m on this kick right now where I’m trying to get back to who I used to be, but with improvements… Aka, bring back my old excitement about life but mix it with a much newer sense of wisdom and compassion. That sounds so deep! Anyways, I think that in my past I was more callous than I am now. Okay, I know that I was. Is that one of those “trappings of youth” things? That you’re more self-obsessed the younger you are? Now I acknowledge it if I know that I’ve hurt someone, and make good on it. Then I go back to trying to spread sunshine and happiness. If only that could be my full time job, to make people happy. :3

Anyway! Part of this revolution was looking into what anime were coming out this summer. I used to do that religiously, but I haven’t been watching much anime, and even with TV I’ve only been following a few series that rotate out over the course of the year. Right now, I’m watching Pretty Little Liars faithfully, of course (have been since the beginning), Reign, and America’s Got Talent, umm… and I think that’s it for what is currently on. Game of Thrones just ended another season, but they killed off one of my favorite characters (Margaery! *cries forever*), so I’m mad about that and let’s not talk about it…. Continue Reading »

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Ah, the fangirl life!

Today, I had a TOTAL fangirl moment. ^^;;;;; I seriously thought that, ‘hey, Tenimyu is in less than 2 weeks’ and completely freaked. I mean, the exciting kind where I start dancing around alone! AAAAAAAH, Tenimyu!!! ♥ Tenimyu!! So gay!!!! ♥

That preeeeetty much sums up my life back then. I was living the fangirl life, and it was probably the best time of my life ::sings I had a dream so big and loud, I jumped so high I touched the clouds:: Wait, I need mood music for this post!  Continue Reading »

Note: Apparently, this has been in  my queue for almost two years and it was never published! I’m so sorry! Enjoy 🙂

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O hisashiburi desu ne! (It’s been a while, hasn’t it!) I realized that it’s been a while since I’ve continued the story about my first crazy year in Japan. There’s still quite a bit to say!

It wasn’t long after I moved into my new apartment in Shinjuku before something else exciting happened to me. Do you remember how the father of one of the members of the NaB’s (Kenn’s band) approached my friends and I after a concert and started chatting with us? Well, it turns out that this was a friendship waiting to blossom.. or something like that. 🙂

The family (of member Karl, the guitarist) lived in Kamakura, which is a really famous sightseeing spot south of Tokyo, and one day, Mr. K invited my friends and I to come and see the area and spend the day with his family. A guided tour by a local family… and with one of the NaB’s?! How could we refuse?!

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I want to catch you all up, so that I can move on and get over this slump… I mean, this depression. It has hit me really, really hard the first part of this year, but I’m DETERMINED to get over it. You should see my face. It’s scary.

In January, my bike was stolen. So, I had to buy a new bike, but it is just GORGEOUS and has speeds, and I keep it inside now so as to prevent the Locke Lamoras of the world from appropriating it. Locke is cool, but I am not rich. I get a lot of compliments on it, so maybe I should thank whatever crummy thief nabbed it for my newfound stylishness. Also, the old one had a flat tire that I hadn’t yet repaired, so the joke is sort of on them… Um, kind of.

Here is my new prettymachine:

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So, in the beginning of December when Thuy was caught up in the hype and excitement of the new Star Wars movie, she had what sounded like an insane idea to purchase a well-made lightsaber. I’m more of a Trekkie, and Star Wars is something that I also grew up watching, but it doesn’t mean the same things to me. It didn’t shape who I am in the way that Star Trek did. I wouldn’t be the same person without it. Anyways, I digress. Savariben!

She ended up ordering two lightsabers from a company called Ultrasabers, and her brother ordered two as well (one for his girlfriend and one for himself. Thuy’s were both for her, uh…).

Honestly? I thought that it was kind of dumb to pay three hundred dollars for a lightsaber, especially when you weren’t a big fan or anything (Which she and I are not. Now, a Batleth on the other hand… I had been eyeing one for a while, but the price and the leather grip was keeping me from buying it. Why leather? I doubt that they even have cows on Klingon!). However, when the sabers came in a few weeks later, both me and Justin put in orders later that same night! I have an orange one for sparring now, and a purple one because, purple. I should have made the sparring one purple, but I didn’t know that I would use it for anything but photos at the time.

Time passed, and near the end of the month, Thuy found out that a Parkour gym down by the waterfront was starting Lightsaber classes in January. Uhh.. lame or cool? I wasn’t sure.

But, I mean, I’d sign up for Vulcan language lessons in a heartbeat, so why not? I signed up with Justin and Thuy. I hardly ever go along with the flow, but I am really glad that I did!

I am now a proud member of Hawaii Saber Academy.

And I am eating my words, and some of my dignity, but it is SO MUCH FUN THAT I DON’T CARE! Omg, I am letting my inner child out, and I could not be having more fun! I really wish that there was a Star Trek equivalent, but Trek is fundamentally about peace and acceptance, so that might not roll over so well.. I don’t know. Hmm..

Yeah, anyways, I am eating my words. I love the class so freaking much that I just can’t help but practice outside every night, and sometimes during the day. It’s mostly just learning poses and sequences right now, but the theatrics? They are so beautiful, and that glowing-light aesthetic is right up my alley! <3 <3 <3

I only brought my phone with me, so the pictures that I took aren’t as high-quality as I’d otherwise like, but I might try some long exposures another time. In the meantime, have this, and then look up to see if there are any classes in your area!  Continue Reading »

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