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Inside a Japanese dollar store! (AKA the 100 yen shop)

Do you want to see what kind of things are inside the Japanese version of a dollar store? If you’re like me, then yes! Even if you didn’t want to, I highly recommend looking inside of it with me here!

Come on, let’s go! 😀

It all begins with an unassuming sign. Doesn’t it always?
Nobody ever assumes anything at first (except that it’s awesome!).
This is the 100 yen shop just North of Aobadai station, a few minutes away from the station on foot.

100 yen shops actually come in all sorts of varieties. This one is part of a chain store called “100 yen plaza.”

Up the stairs, all sorts of wonders are waiting, all of them just 100 yen!! Which is roughly $1.

It’s summer, so there are tons of goggles just inside the entrance.

And of course, Hello Kitty merchandise, though not because it’s Summer. There’s always Hello Kitty merchandise.

Calendars in this one. Because everybody needs a calendar in June. 🙂

And all sorts of random goods!

Like chopsticks!

And miniature cups! (I have the bird ones!)

Baskets! Yay!

Coin banks!

And all kinds of knick-nacks! (*^-^*)/

Plastic spoons come in all sorts of colors.

Aren’t these heart-shaped rice scoops adorable??

These are spoon cases (for your lunchboxes).

And these are tea implements!

Sushi-rolling sets.

And all kinds of spoons! I love spoons. Don’t you?

There are also containers of all shapes and kinds!

And in all, umm… colors! (?) XDDD

Clothes for your little dog.

Or diapers, if you please! (Because they’re cute, or because they’re necessary, I don’t know!)

There is even charcoal for fish! I feel like I’m writing a Dr. Seuss poem.

If fishing’s your thing, there are tools for that trade as well.

Or if you prefer flowers, as I do, there are those ^-^

Here is the Hello Kitty lint catcher you’ve been wanting all those years.

Plastic envelopes in every shape and size.

And stuff to deodorize.

Party gifts for every age,

And “leisure sheets,” to relax in the shade!

Coffee filters (a favorite of mine),

Seaweed punchers,

Baking goods,

And locks of all kinds!

Just in case.

Or perhaps you prefer to mark a senior citizen?

Something to store all of your papers in,

Or crafts to spend your time on.

Rolled-up paper,

Buddhist prayer beads,

Envelopes to fill with cash,

And many, many magnets!



and more toys,



and things to mark them up with.

And what home would be complete without something Lilo & Stitch?

Or, the world’s cutest outlet plugs?

Inside a 100 yen shop, the wonders never end!

I hope you enjoyed that! I feel like I wrote a poem there. 🙂

Tomorrow I start 7 days of Tenipuri assistant stories!! Catch up, if you already haven’t, or refresh yourself, right here! *^-^*

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