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My neighborhood in rural Tokyo (part 3)

Where did I leave off?

Oh yes. When we were about to venture beyond the sign. 🙂

There’s something important that I should mention first, though..

I learned to NOT use a small aperture on a really bright, sunny day. I studied photography composition and how to develop film in high school, but my school didn’t have any SLR cameras to practice with. So I’m sort of still a beginner! I know now that I can’t use those lenses where the depth of field is really shallow (blurry backgrounds ftw!) on super-bright and sunny days! Noted. (And sad.)

So many of these pictures today are blown-out(the next days go back to normal), but I’d like to show you the ones that I like anyways! *^^*


Beyond the sign is just… well, a lot of fields. A whole lot of lot of fields! And some crops. And a few canals, with water in them. And people who run around trying to be healthy, like me.

It’s actually a great place! A great place to run and be merry, as long as it’s not at night. Maybe it’s due to the recent things that I’ve been through, but I don’t feel as safe walking around in the middle of nowhere at night as I used to. Even in Japan.

But ANYWAYS! I need to stay on topic today, lol.

There are a lot of fences, too.

Do you see what I meant, now, about being blown-out?

I noticed a lot of weeds in the side of the road. I think this is actually my favorite picture, to be honest. 🙂

Trying something fancy with the rice plants.

A farmer looks out over his field. I don’t envy him. You see, it was getting quite hot.

So hot that these two little boys were playing (unsupervised) in the canals. Those same canals that have “DANGER:SUDDEN FLOOD WARNING” printed all over them. Of course, to be fair, there are also giant steps down into the canals, perfect for little boys who want to go fishing!

I thought, maybe, this guy might be stepping in to look after them and, y’know, make sure that they hadn’t drowned. But nope, he stared and then passed on by.

Oh so very safe!

I climbed down too. To, you know, check on them. These girls stopped, too, and did a good impression of staring at anything but me! I applaud them. 🙂

A lot of people passed by, despite our super-rural location and the late-spring heat.

So, I started walking. I didn’t really have anywhere to go, since the farms just stretch on, but I went up a hill..(passing this guy, who posed.. or not.. for me :))

Uppity uppity..

Passing, what else, more farmers!

Of course, the good thing about plants is that flowers also abound!

I really liked this red one.

And this spiny onion-looking thing. :3 Did I mention that I’m also a beginning gardener? (Read my puchi blog– there’s a link on the sidebar!)

I passed more houses. I guess people have to live somewhere! I’m not actually really outside of the city. It’s just that if you go out more than 20 minutes from a train station, it gets pretty rural pretty fast. Not many people want to live that far away from trains (there are buses from most stations, but they’re very expensive).

But there are some people! They probably all have cars. I would love to have one, too!

Eventually, I crested the hill, and at this point was within fifteen minutes of another station, and so there were more houses, and more people. Also, more trendy mothers pushing strollers in high heels. Only in Japan! Is it just me, or does the way that she’s dressed make her look to young to be even able to conceive babies? Frills and lace and babydoll dresses are super-popular here! Not that it’s really a bad thing.

Right past her was this lady, though. She glared at me, so I took a picture of her on purpose. It was instinct! She looked a tad bit like the crazy man who attacked me in China once (long story).

I was getting tired, but I can always enjoy more flowers!

And artsy shots. 🙂

I eventually happened upon this guy after much wandering. A mini Tokyo Tower, maybe?

And fences, fences, fences..

And that’s it for today! From tomorrow, I pick up with a different camera lens, on a different day!

Before the typhoon dies down, I’m going to see if it can lull me to sleep instead. 🙂 Good night (or morning!!)! (^0^)/

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