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My neighborhood in rural Tokyo (part 2)

Well, I learned something new with this exploration: I cannot turn my aperture down to f1.4 in sunny weather without blowing out the picture! Oops! A lot of these pictures came out really bright, but sometimes the effect was really nice! =^-^=

First off, I want to share a picture of my living room as it currently is. It’s lacking a sofa, and so many other things, but here it is at this point! That bench is not comfy for watching tv, so I usually lay (or collapse onto) the floor while watching Grey’s Anatomy. 🙂

But, eventually I left the house! It was a really, really bright and warm day, but not too humid, which made it great for walking!

Remember how last time I said that I would find out what was behind that forest one day? Well, that’s where I went this time!

Up the hill! There were a lot, lot, LOT of ants, though. I was pretty scared, so I took pictures while moving very fast!

I stopped to take a picture of this boy, though… I don’t know why he had an apple in his crotch…..
any theories?
(The birds seemed to have pooed in exactly the right place, though!)

And up I went..



And up..

I thought that the trees were pretty, though. Even if they were full of spiders!

And this is where I first encountered the idea that I might have a problem with this lens and the bright light..

It’s so washed-out! But not too far from reality, to be honest. It was quite bright, as the Japanese sun can be! ;D

Anyways… at the top of the hill was someone’s tiny farm! I was shocked! I had honestly expected a shrine, or a tiny hidden park or something.. but no, it was a farm! I felt like I was trespassing.

By the way, with this lens (actually a lens made for portraits), I can’t zoom in our out, I can only move closer or farther away. This was the farthest away that I could get in the little clearing, so I couldn’t get the whole thing! lol

But I decided to make the best of it!

I found things that I love, like these pretty little pink flowers!

I walked around a little bit, but I didn’t want to go in any buildings, since someone might walk in and get upset.

Eventually, I started my retreat, and ended up going down someone’s driveway! Oops again! D’oh!

There were pretty red flowers on this driveway. ^^

I waved goodbye to the accidental farm.

And took a lot of parting pictures, even though it was too bright for my lens.

And eventually I was back out on the street! I don’t know, I don’t think that I’ll go back to that place anytime soon. Do you remember this fabulously orange piece of machinery from my last walking post?

It’s funny, though, that I feel that I now notice trash baskets a lot more than I used to. I suppose that’s what happen when you spend time writing about them.

After that, I ran into a bike, and I thought that it made lovely shadows on the ground. What do you think?

Down the street, the same street as last time.

I noticed more shadows along the way!

And nice trees and flowers.

At which point, I came to the same Lawson where I had taken a picture of the flag before. They had changed the flag!

Should I go beyond next? Or should I take another side trip? You tell me!

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