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The Yokohama Ramen museum *^o^*

Every once in a while, I get a craving for that salty, rich, slimy soup-ish stuff known as ramen. Although it’s technically chinese, Japanese ramen is still leaps and bounds above that cheap stuff that my Mom used to buy for 4/$1.00 in the US supermarkets.

Not that that stuff was bad! I practically grew up on it, and would add so much extra beef buillion (everybody but me liked chicken, it seems) that the broth was thick and dark by the time that I was done. If Japan had beef-flavored ramen, I’d probably be ecstatic, and have it all the time! But in any ramen shop, all that you’re going to find are miso, soy sauce, and salt-flavored….. which, maybe it’s just me, but they taste pretty much exactly the same. No variety (we’re not talking cup ramen, here. That’s another story!)

Well, anyways, if ramen is your thing, it’s worth a short trip to Shin-Yokohama to check out the ramen museum! It was renovated in 2010, although it still seems to retain plenty of the kitschy disneyesque elements. ^^

Homepage: (English) http://www.raumen.co.jp/ramen/
Homepage: (Japanese) http://www.raumen.co.jp/home/

We approach the ramen museum, which is right around the corner from Shin Yokohama station.. It’s a big building with wavy lines on it. XP

And here is the welcome mat! Apparently “Special Limited Person Only” means “Anyone who buys a ticket.”

For some reason, right inside the entrance is a giant race track. What connection this has to ramen, I am not sure. Anybody care to wager a guess?

A new flavor of cup ramen on sale (yay!).

Aaaaaand, down the stairs, to where the real museum starts!

Some (boring) information on where the different kinds of ramen in the stalls are from. I say “boring” because in fact, there isn’t much difference at all! Your opinion may vary, though..

This is an old-fashioned sign for Meiji Chocolate. I prefer chocolate to ramen, but ramen is good, too!

I thought that the old-style signs lent themselves a bit of a horror-like feel.

And as we finally entered, the main attraction:

The ramen village! More of a pit, really XD

Complete with old-style billboard for old movies and products..

And of course, no exhibit about old-time Japan would be complete without blatant racism. ^o^;;;;;;;;; (It’s an advertisement for special toothpaste for smokers, bizarrely enough).

An old-style soba sign.

There is a little “alleyway” next to the ramen museum. It was surprisingly full for a weekday!

“Nakamura Clinic.”

My friend and I (Ms. Nameless! A very dear friend who knows who she is ^^) chose to have spicy-miso ramen. It was good, though I never have been able to finish the broth. Whomever says that Japan doesn’t serve large portions has never been to a ramen store! Geeeeh, so much soup. Someone told me once that you’re not supposed to drink all of the ramen.

But… the broth is so much more flavorful than the noodles! Isn’t the broth the whole point? (The answer, it seems, is “no.” I don’t agree.)

An egg’s worth of spicy miso.

The advertisements from below.

And finally, a very, very ancient-looking coke machine…. the works! Oh yes. :3

I enjoyed the small trip to the museum for what it was: a tiny outing to break the pace. It was nice for me, and I’d welcome the chance to go again, especially if they run some sort of promotion or something. ^^

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