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Happy 2012, part 2!

That last post was so depressing!

If I think about it for a long time, I believe that I’ll get through anything. No matter what life throws at me, I’ll get through it, and come out, hopefully, a better person.

Loss, tragedy, betrayal, and more. I don’t think that I’ve been betrayed as badly as a lot of people have. In fact, I have a lot to be thankful for. But there are things, things that I’ve fought hard for, that I’ve lost, or suffered from. It really, really hurts. But I’m the eternal optimist, in such that long-standing suffering is something that I’ll eventually bounce back from.

I’d like to think so, at least. On my good days, I believe it thoroughly, but on my bad days, I have a harder time having faith in myself. I’m skinny after all, and I can break.

I am glad for my friends, though. Too many friends to list here, including some close ones. Some of whom read this blog, and some of whom can’t, or don’t. Some of whom have recently come to my rescue. Some of whom even saved my life.

But back to the story. Tiffany and I walked around the temple, which we had forgotten, is not all that exciting or photogenic, really.

There were some monks walking around, practicing for the night’s festivities to come. By that time, we would be gone, though.

I wondered if they were used to the cold, or if they were like me, shivering as the sun went down.

Maybe monks have a special layer or aura to protect against the cold New Years night air. Just for New Years, maybe.

And, we wandered out just as the sun was setting, Tiffany and I. We ended up going to sit down and chat over tea at a restaurant, both to catch up, and to warm ourselves from the cold.

The olympic stadium in Yoyogi park next to the temple was on the way out.

As were a lot of pretty lights..

And that was it, we headed home.

I’m sorry that I can’t share the things that have been happened yet. I need some time to bounce back, and become my happy, carefree self. That hard candy shell coating my emotions? I need to repair the cracks, but I could use everyone’s help along the way!

A comment is all I want. Just share some good words, and if you have them, share stories of your New Years with me. I could really use them!

I love you all! I will see you tomorrow♥

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