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This Week in Tokyo – Week 8

Back to the weekly photodump of pictures that have no other place to go! 😀

Did anyone else catch the lunar eclipse last week? I tried to take pictures, which made me realize that I need a tripod and a better zoom lens. Those are now on the list of things that I must buy! *^^*

I do like this photo, though!

Don’t mind my expression.. at the time, I was still having issues with my eyes. Anyways, this is me with manga artists Mayu Shinjo (Kaikan Phrase, Love Celeb, Ai Obore, etc) and Domoto Nao (aka Enomoto Tsubaki- Beast Harem, Cosplay Deka, etc). I met them at a mangaka/author/publisher party that is held twice a year. It was my third time going (and this is where I met the love of my life! ^o^).

My umbrella and a rainy day.. Lately the weather has been freezinf, but beautifully blue. Sadly, though, there are the occasional dreary days too!

If you can’t read Japanese, what do you think this sign is advertising? *^^*

It’s hybrid cars, by the way… Lately the trend in Japan is all about green!

Anyways… do you see anything special about this tree? 🙂

I think that’s a great ornament, don’t you? 😀

More rainy days.. (Today’s not rainy, though!)

What do you think? Should I try it? I’m seriously considering it..

I have no idea what this mom is holding..

And some more random people.. *^^*

Lovely, but cold, weather 🙂 ]
Clear weather makes me feel good inside, even if I’m having a bad day.

And this… it’s Sephiroth!!! I think it is, at least! I don’t know. But I was randomly returning from work when I wandered into this store with a friend, and saw this in the floor! How cool is that! This is the way that all stores should be– original!!

Speaking of work! This is a traditional Japanese instrument- a koto. 🙂 I learned how to play for my tv show.

This is not a koto– it’s my laundry XD

See you tomorrow! ^^

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