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Exploring Odaiba!! *^^*

Following up on yesterday’s post…

To be honest, I wish that I’d taken pictures in more of a narrative form, so that I could tell a story. But they’re already taken, so all that I can do is share them! *^^*

The sun had pretty well set by the time we arrived. Where did we head off to? Why, the giant ferris wheel that you can see from all of Odaiba!

Let’s go!

The sun looked like this..

Yet with the right exposure, you can still get a picture like this! 😀

Some pictures from the gondola (I rode in a yellow one, yay! ^^)

That big shadow on the right is Mouth Fuji. *^^*

You can see Tokyo Tower in the distance in this picture. ^^

Another ferris wheel in the background on the far right. ^^

When we got off the ferris wheel and headed out in search of dinner, we passed Zepp Tokyo and saw this:

Why they had wigs on, I have no idea! It was supposedly a concert for the band Mihimaru GT…… but what theyhave to do with technocolor afros, I have no idea! Anybody know??

Santa looks comfortable.

There was, of course, the obligatory Christmas tree 🙂

And the obligatory giant poodle peeing on the tree. XD

And a christmas tree made of lights!

Rainbow boats that I know nothing about… I must find out!

It was literally cold enough to freeze to death outside, but everyone wanted to eat outside, so us desert-dwellers grinned and bore it! XD;; It wasn’t so bad, especially after having an espresso!

More tree of Lights(tm).

See??? It was so cold that even the polar bears were crying!

It’S coooooooold, mommy.. ToT

More cool trees… this one indoors!

Best way to end the day? Starbucks, of course!!

Soooo tired…. 😀

I have a lot more to write! See ya tmw!!

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