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Spring in Japan

Actually, to be honest, it feels like too soon.

One day it was Summer, and the next: Winter.

There was no time for Fall in between anywhere. The suddenness of the cold makes it feel a little bit surreal, too. As if a cold, frigid winter is just waiting around the corner.

Maybe it’s a little bit cliche, but somehow… doesn’t this leaf say it all? It’s dead, after all.

I don’t know what I’m saying, lol. The picture above is the keyring that I currently use for my house key. ^^ It was a gift from a dear, dear friend, and I’ve had it for a long time.

I hope you’re reading this, sis. I know you read my blog. At least, I think you do! ♥

What do you think of the pretty flowers here? They’re not real, but they’re still so pretty. *^^*

All of these pictures are from around my neighborhood.. Proof of the last vestiges of Fall here in the suburbs of Tokyo.

Hanging on for dear life..

I introduce you to a bench in my neighborhood. Sometimes I wonder who sits down on it. I’ve never sat on it, so maybe I will tomorrow.. why not?

Behind the bench, this spectacle was awaiting me.

And these flowers are real. ^^

Harry Potter was here? Or perhaps Professor McGonnagall. I think she wouldn’t leave her broom laying so carelessly about, though.

I was much amused when this little boy fell straight backwards onto his butt while playing with his friend. Sorry! Perhaps they were running from something.

This lady, on the other hand, was happily gardening… the street.

Apparently it was just time for the students at one of the local elementary schools to go home.

Running home!

And then I wandered into a nearby park.

To be honest, I don’t really like this park.

I thought that it was beautiful, and a little bit mysterious, when I discovered it a little over a year ago. It’s just a 5-minute walk from my house, too.

But this last spring, or the beginning of summer, I was running in the park in the late morning. Like any modern girl, I was checking my twitter on my iphone as I ran.

I’m sure you can see where this is going!

I was so dazed from the fall that I could barely stand. Adrenaline can really do a number on you. But my iPhone survived, which is the most important thing, right? Even though it went flying from my hand and skidded across the dirt.

Me? I had deep scrapes on my hip and shoulder that took several months to heal. (I heal slowly with my condition. I have a blood disorder called ITP.)

But all was okay in the end. It doesn’t endear me to this park, though. Even though arguably, it was all my fault andnot the park itself’s.


Well, after all of that, I didn’t feel like writing any more about the park, lol!

So instead, I want to ask you all a question if you’ll be so kind:
What is your favorite memory of a park? Share yours and I’ll share mine! *^^* (It’s not this one, obviously! lol)

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