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The skinny Japanese girl

In a way, I am really lucky. I’m tall enough at nearly 6 feet (182.7 cm) that even if I have a stomach with a thick layer of fat, it doesn’t show much, as long as I cover it up with clothes. (You don’t believe me? Trust me, it’s there. But see, I wear clothes so you can’t tell! :D)

But Japanese girls, whose average height is 5’2″ (158 cm), don’t have the same luxury. Even a little bit of fat can really stand out. (Short girls, you know what I’m talking about, right?)

And yet, Japanese girls are REALLY FREAKILY SKINNY.

What’s more, they are obsessed with getting skinnier. I’m generalizing of course, since obviously there is a section of the Japanese female population that doesn’t care or doesn’t care very much about being stick-thin, but a lot of Japanese women do care. To the point that they will do all sorts of crazy diets to lose weight/maintain weight.

I want to share a few of the different things that I see nearly every day in regards to being rail-thin like everyone else in Japan. Not because I want to encourage anyone to follow that example, but because I want to inform people. And if you ever hear my relatively thin butt complaining about wanting to lose weight, this is why!

This is what I see every day that drags my confidence level through the gutter.

I don’t know.. These scans are from an advertisement in a popular mainstream December 2011 fashion magazine.

Let’s try to look at this objectively:

-Alright, nearly everyone wants to be thin. (some people don’t, and hey that’s cool) But I think I can safely say that whether we are or not, whether we say it out loud or not, most girls at least kinda want to be thin and “in shape”.

-But I think (objectively of course! — I’m being sarcastic here, juuuuust in case you can’t tell) that nobody anywhere wants to look as if their over-sized head is about to fall off of their toothpick-sized body….

Actually, since we’re being objective, well… if you cut these girls off at the waist and only look at the top half, they look alright. Petite, for sure. Thin, yes. But not quite to the anorexia/bulimia stage.

…But their bottom half?! Their hips look unnaturally small and their legs look like matchsticks. I’d be tempted to say that they were photoshopped, except that sadly, I see girls that are this thin walk by every say. I know some girls who are models that are this thin.

True, the “before” girl is not an ideal for a lot of people. She’s not half bad, though, and, well…. her head seems to be in correct proportion to her body!

Anyways, I just wanted to share the image of the Japanese girl’s “ideal” body. This is what I see every day around me, and whether I want to be like that or not (I don’t), it’s still what I get compared to every time I walk down the street. So that’s why I feel quite…. fat.

Next, I will dig up some great diet fads popular here in Japan that help these girls stay so thin! (or aspire to!) Believe me, there are a LOT!

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  • Alesand

    I just do not understand this attraction to walking skeletons with skin on them, for that is what I see when I see these girls. I am genuinely worried for the health of these girls! To hell with dieting, these girls need some high calorie/protein diets and fast! I may have a preference for plump girls, but these girls are far too unhealthy and I fear they would drop dead at the slightest breeze.

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