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This Week in Tokyo – Week 7

Omataseshimashita! (Sorry for the wait!)

Here are all of this week’s erroneous, strange, and unused photos (except for the ones that I’ll post tonight!). So without further ado, here is the Japan that you don’t get to see on an everyday basis.. unless you’re me! XP

These gorgeous lanterns are from a yakitori (chicken-kebabs) restaurant. The thing about yakitori though, is that it’s not just the breast meat, or even the meat, that is served.↓

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↓Very very much “traditional Japan.”↓

↓The fashionable guy in the center just stood out to me for some reason..↓

↓Train guy is gay? Or just wiping his mouth after a cold one?↓

↓What is she looking for???↓

↓An office building! Yay!↓

↓Notice that they put in a Forever21 in Shibuya.↓

↓This was their real hair↓

↓He is tired, too↓

↓This is Hachiko crossing, arguably the busiest crosswalk in the entire world. It’s not too far from me, actually. Though I wish it was closer (it’s a very fashionable, and high-priced area. If I live there, I’m either so broke (because I spent all my money on rent for a tiny apartment) or rich. :))↓

↓Tsutaya, which is a big movie-rental shop. The world’s busiest Starbucks is actually inside =)↓

↓A realtor named “big” (not sure what the cat has to do with it)↓

↓Gotta admire her street fashion :)↓

↓They look like friends, but they split up after this. Guess they were just standing together…↓

Laughing girls in Shibuya and street fashion.↓

↓”Why you takin’ a picture of me?”↓

↓Shibuya 109 is a big shopping building. I’ll take more pictures soon!↓

↓Too cool for Shibuya↓

↓The girl who came to meet him↓

↓My home is the street↓

↓She was wearing slouchy socks, I had to take a picture! Those went out of style years back, guess she didn’t get the memo :)↓

Are you more interested in traditional, or modern Japan?
Let me know in the comments section below, or on twitter!

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