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Manga Halloween!

I was looking through this month’s issue of my favorite manga magazine (It’s called Ribon. It’s a monthly publication geared towards young girls. Sort of the girly version of Shonen Jump), and something caught my eye:

It says Enjoy it to the utmost, everywhere! Have an awesome Halloween!! in big letters at the top.

Oh! That’s right! Halloween has never been a really big thing to Japan. There’s no such thing as trick-or-treat outside of the small communities of foreign people (like the American military base in Yokosuka just south, or the apartment complex that houses the staff from the American Embassy of Tokyo). Halloween decorations, costumes, and parties? There are a few, of course. I see decorations in the store, but I’ve yet to see a single decoration on a house in the neighborhoods I’ve lived in. I wonder.. who buys them except for me??

Well, anyways, Halloween is becoming a bigger celebration in recent years, thankfully! Some people don’t like it for their varied reasons, and some people are just against the “crass commercialism”, but I love it! Dressing up in costumes, scaring little kids, and eating candy? I say what’s not to love?!


It goes without saying that I love themed products of all kinds. I don’t think that our life should be based around material possessions by any means, but I wholeheartedly believe that it’s okay to buy things to make us happy! We buy desserts to make us happy, cool cars to make us happy, make-up to make us happy (mainly girls, but some guys there too), so why not buy random other things too? Nothing wrong with that! d(=^‥^=)

スクハロ: SukuHaro (School Halloween)
Celebrate Halloween at school with these goods! Halloween-themed mascot charms to hang off of your keys/backpacks/bags/phones, and tote bags!

そとハロ: SotoHaro (Outdoors Halloween)
Celebrate Halloween outdoors with these items from (RtoL) Universal Studios Japan, Baskin Robbins, and Tokyo Disneyland. Interestingly enough, did you know that nobody will know the name Baskin Robbins if you ask them in Japan? Baskin Robbins stores are all over the place (there’s one at my local train station!), but they are known as “Saati-wan”, or “31” spoken with a Japanese accent. I found that interesting!)

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うちハロ: UchiHaro (Home Halloween)
Get into Halloween mode at home with these house decorations, costume parts, and um… a Sanrio CD?! (Featuring three Eurobeat dance mixes, it says. Doesn’t fit my Halloween party, but maybe it does someone’s ^^; )

ハロウィンテイストおかし: Halloween Taste Okashi (Halloween-themed candy)
And what would Halloween be without candy! Basically just your run-of-the-mill regular japanese candies, but with Halloween-themed packaging! See the pocky in the middle there?

Of course, all things should be taken in moderation, lol. This post was kind of a joke. The things that really matter: my manga, friends, family, love, companionship, etc, are most important. But why not enhance them with some fun! =^^= (that said very seriously!)

What are some of the awesome Halloween goods in your area? Take a picture or just tell me about them! You can tweet me too! =^-^=

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