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This Week in Tokyo – Week 6

My life in Tokyo this week, captured in photographs for all the world to see. =^-^=

This week was a busy one– but mainly because I cleaned my kitchen, top to bottom! Something was smelling badly and it was making me and my boyfriend sick..

I never did find out what it was, but at least the smell is gone now! *^o^* Now that I think of it, I should have taken pictures, so that you can see what my tiny Japanese kitchen looks like. It’s not dirty anymore (actually it was quite clean to start with!), but I’ll take pictures sometime this coming week, promise! *^^*

What can I say, other than.. it’s getting colder here these days! Fall is definitely on the way! But I’ll do anything to avoid wearing long sleeves (my arms are very long, so long-sleeved shirts/jackets/etc don’t fit well).

Halloween yet?

This is not Japanese.. I think it’s maybe Chinese? Does anybody know?

Some interesting flavors of onigiri in the convenience store. Like bacon, tuna-onion, and fish eggs.

Tuna and mayonnaise (ew!).

Some people on the train..

My phone company is running a promotion where they waive all of the fees on them, so I went to go get an ipad2! (I only have to pay $20/month to pay it off, no interest! It’s the only way I can afford one, so I jumped at it!)

Anyways, the company that I am with (Softbank) is well-known for providing support in languages other than Japanese.

Some people while I was waiting in line. I hate waiting in line, but at least I got a few good pictures!

This lady is a very typical “stylish” Tokyo lady 🙂

So is she. 🙂 I couldn’t figure out if she was “with” the old Japanese man on the right. Any opinions?

I liked the pattern on the ground in front of the Softbank shop 🙂

It was almost as if this guy posed for me on purpose! :3 :3 :3
I guess everyone is curious, seeing someone like me snapping away!

There’s actually a lot going on in this picture!

Shibuya is apparently someone’s paradise (Mine would be cleaner)!

She looks kinda like Marie (from my assistant days)

Some pictures from the Softbank shop..

This is the girl who rang me up =^-^= She was so nice! I had to wait a rather long time, so she chatted with me. She wants to be a musician, and went to college in Canada. ^^

Back on the train, it was getting crowded!

My new toy!! By the way, I got it to read comic books, lol. I know. ^o^; But here in Japan, there is no place to buy American comic books anymore (there used to be a place in Shinjuku that carried a few, but they closed down years ago). And besides, it doesn’t waste paper this way! (It’s also good for other things, but… ^o^;; )

Well, this week I am going on my manga full-blast! I won’t say much yet, since I have to head out to karate class in a moment, but I hope to bring everyone along for the ride with me! *^o^*

Here’s to the new week!!

Leave your creative or interesting comments below! (^o^)/
(Or even boring ones, that’s okay too!)

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