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Japanese scratch tickets – the Lottery

Last night while lying in bed worrying about money (again), I had a sudden thought– Why not just win the lottery???

Honestly, it seemed foolproof! I thought that I’d wake up, get ready, go and buy some scratch tickets, and then win something!

I guess I’m a total optimist, because when I went to buy the tickets, I was 99% sure that I’d win something.. anything!

…… the pessimists out there are going to say that it’s stupid to think such a thing, probably. But all I was doing was hoping. –;

This is what a japanese lottery booth looks like. You have to buy them from a person. It’s kind of embarrassing!! They aren’t sold in vending machines here like in the states. At least, not as far as I have seen! You also can’t buy them at the convenience stores. Just at these booths.

My Grandma loves the lottery, so she would buy them all the time and give them to us (her grandchildren). It was always a lot of fun scratching them off!

That’s why I went with scratch tickets..

There were regular tickets (results announced in the paper), and scratch tickets. These were the only kind of scratch tickets they had, and they were 200 yen each (about $2)! Expensive!!

I only bought 5 (about $10 worth). That’s all I could justify spending. I’d rather spend money on my blog, actually! But I figured that I could write about it on my blog, so in a way it was like spending money on my blog too 🙂 🙂 🙂

Oh no! I FAILED ON THE FIRST ONE!! I was so sure that I would win something small…

And that’s how the rest went.

I failed. ;-; If you don’t try, you can’t fail, they always say. But still it does suck to fail. Here is how I felt:


Oh well. I didn’t expect to win a million dollars, or get rich. Just get enough to see me through while I work on my dream. It would have taken a load off.. –;

I guess that I’ll just have to keep on struggling while I work on my dream. It really would be nice to live in a decent apartment with a decent kitchen and not have to worry about food money, though!

Well.. ganbarimasu! (I’ll do my best) Even if I don’t make millions right now, at least I love working in tv, I love drawing comics, and I love writing in my blog. That’s more than a lot of people, right?

(And at least the pandas were cute!)


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