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This Week in Tokyo – Week 5

Now with image comments! (MAYBE!)

Here are this week’s fit nowhere else photos for your enjoyment! 🙂

I am trying out a plugin that will let people comment right onto the images themselves. But it seems to have a few bugs! Is anyone willing to try it out for me? 🙂

I’ll work out the bugs as I go along! 🙂


Found a downed tree– right on top of a house! I guess it was from Typhoon Roke a few weeks ago?

This is the river separating Kanagawa and Tokyo prefectures. 🙂 I rode my bike by it the other day.

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Beautiful late afternoon sunset!

A friend made these pie-crust bear-cookies. I was late, so there was just one left!

Can’t resist drawing on my paper cup!

Appetizing or no?

Some mysterious friends. I asked them to convey an emotion without using their faces.. I think it worked! Do you?

Sinister, or something else… ?

The leaves are beginning to turn already?!! What happened to this year?!

Inside a random department store. 🙂

CREEPY!! The mannequins are out to get you!

This picture is somehow connected to my previous post 🙂

An ad for High-ball (alcohol). Japan really, really likes their liquor. If you are out in night in Tokyo there is a 100% chance that you will see/smell a drunk person. Really! A zero percent chance that you won’t see a drunk person somewhere! Most likely, next to you on the train! It’s also considered not embarrassing to get drunk here, best that I can tell. Unlike the US, public drunkenness/drinking is not illegal too.

A bathroom in Ginza station.

A sign for a japanese-style squat toilet. Sadly, they were all taken up, so I couldn’t photograph the monstrosity! :X Basically, the idea is to squat over it and pee into the hole. Technology at it’s best?

The nearest I can figure, this is a urinal. This is the womens bathroom, of course. So it makes perfect sense!

Candy sold at a kiosk in the subway station.

A new magazine is being advertised. Umm!
I do wonder who thinks up these titles..

An ad for a men’s clothing complex. I find it kind of odd, though. What do you think?

Free papers in the subway.

Here is a free map of the subway system.

And one in english!

It’s that time already! Japan still isn’t too big into Halloween, but it’s slowly changing.

Tried to snap a shot, and BAM! Guy walks right into it! Grr.

That’s better!

Isn’t it pretty?

Looks like Chobits, but it’s not..

Ads for Bl at Akihabara station 🙂

Outside Akihabara station in the afternoon (seriously– it hits 4:30 now and it’s this dark!)

Bakery from the outside. Beware, though.. those breads are deceptively high-calorie!

Isn’t it pretty?

How is the comment system working?<\b> Or not working? Let’s give it a shot!!

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