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This week in Tokyo – week 4

I’m actually on time for This Week in Tokyo (I want to always post them on Sundays if possible!)

This week was somehow really crazy-busy! 🙂 I suppose because I had a few days of filming and interviews, plus some work-related parties. None of which I can talk about until after publication! Darn! ^^;

This coming week, though, I have some good things liked up for you!

..but for today, I’ve got to get my butt off to our annual (Canadian) Thanksgiving party with the girlfriends! (*^o^*)/ (I’m not Canadian, but I’m not Japanese either :))

..in fact, I need to leave. Right now. I’m going to ride my bike there, and hopefully get some good pictures on the way, maybe!! 🙂 It takes almost three hours, though.

But before I leave, here are this week’s pictures! When I get home (likely after midnight), I will update with another Tenipuri story, assuming that I don’t die on the way home. Here’s to hoping! (^o^)/

This is going to be comment-free because I don’t have a moment to write them.. Instead, can you guys comment on them for me? 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’ll reward you handsomely!

Back as soon as I’m back from the party tonight! (^o^)/

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