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Candlelight Vigil for Steve Jobs in Ginza☆


Truthfully? I was never a mac girl. More truthfully? I hated Macintosh. Seriously. A lot. A whole lot lot. I nearly broke up with a girlfriend right as we began dating, because of it. Why?

I’ll leave that for posterity. But let’s just say that it was a deep-seated dislike.

However, that all changed when I first saw the iPod Touch.

It was actually while I was working for Konomi-sensei. At that time in our assistant careers, we didn’t get out a whole lot. We spent almost all of our time shut up in the studio. So I have no idea how my coworker found out about the iPod touch. Much less how he got out to buy one!

But he did…. and brought it to work…. and from there on, I was totally hooked!!! I still can’t say that I like macs. I’ve never owned one (I recently saw a friend’s Macbook Air and left a small puddle of drool on the table). I don’t know if I’ll ever own one, because I like the versatility of Windows better. Who knows, though?

But the touchy-stuff? iPod, iPhone, iPad? BRING THEM ON!

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This might sound corny, but to me, touching the screen of my electronics and having it respond so smoothly was like touching the future. (Touch screens have obviously been around forever, but never so pretty, and so mine).

Anyways, the iPhone changed my life. I seriously feel like I can’t live without it. It’s without a doubt the best thing that I’ve ever bought for mself, ever. And I’m so glad that I did.

SO, when I heard on twitter that a friend of mine was organizing a candle app vigil for Steve Jobs in Ginza, I figured, “what the hey? I’m already in the city for an Asahi Weekly interview today, so why not go to it, too?”

There wasn’t the greatest turnout (actually, there were a lot of people, but more photographers. The sheer number of photographers scared most of the candlers away. I elected to join the photographers, actually.. ^^; But I was there.) I got a lot of great pictures, so please tell me what you think! *^-^*

This is my little vigil *^^* My iphone with the Apple store logo.

It begins.. Steve Nagata, the mastermind, front and center.

Ohm… Oh no, the candle went out!

More photographers than participants. But we were all participants in a way, I guess 🙂

The police showed up and said, “The police are here. Get lost!” “Do not stand and take pictures.” “Clear the walkways.” Of course, nobody moved and everybody took pictures.

Lotsa photographers!

It’s all about the iPod/Phone/Pad.
OMG I want an iPad… *drool* I will get one one day when I can afford it!

See what I meant?

There were also many bouquets left outside of the Apple store.

Some had notes on them. (Are we in Japan? English notes! But I guess Jobs probably couldn’t have read Japanese.)

More bouquets.

More people taking picutres 🙂 There were news cams from all over!

Experimenting with different moods. I love my new camera!

Boom mics are so cool-looking, but it must be tiring holding them up!

Apple logo.

Yes, thank you for bringing us the future! It sucks that people have to all die one day. ;o;

Do not stop, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Passing by again after getting something to eat, there were more flowers than ever.

And still some policemen.

And lots of people. Here are some random pictures of cool people.

And randomly! A japanese blogger (I don’t know his blog address yet!) asked to take pictures of me taking the candle picture. So this is what I looked like! 🙂

I have long arms 🙂

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Yes, it’s supposed to go to my wrists, btw! (´ω`。)

Please leave a comment letting me know how you feel about Apple! Love it? Hate it? Apple pie? Apple fritters? I want to know!!! =^-^=

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