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This week in Tokyo – week 3

It’s week 3 of this blog and things are going swimmingly! I have a million and one pictures from this week that didn’t really fit anywhere. (or rather, 69.. but that number has some interesting.. implications ^^;) So a million it is! (^o^)/

Oh yes, the perfect candidate for little biker jackets 🙂

And for the more discerning among us, Evangelion embroidered biker jackets!

A quaint little studio apartment above a shopping street in Ueno.

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Do you see it yet? Look more closely..

There is no apartment behind the window on the left! It’s just open air! Like a hollywood movie set!

Trying out some special effects..

This woman is a very, very, very average Tokyo girl. Right down to the expression on her face. There are more of this girl than there are stylish or sexy girls 🙂 (Unless you find suits sexy, which is perfectly fine!)

This guy finds suits very sexy, unless they are ordering him for dinner. By the way, he is fugu, a poisonous fish that’s considered a delicacy. I’ve only had it once, a long time ago, but I didn’t notice anything special about it.

Fugu supposedly makes your tongue numb if it’s done right (but doesn’t kill you- which can also happen).

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B&W in the streets of Ueno.

A mysterious shadow…

“Azuma-ya,” which means “summer home.” In this case, it’s a random restaurant, not a home 🙂 Someone might live in it at night though, for all I know XD

Let’s go eat there!

Just 500 yen for the lunch special?! (500 yen is roughly $5 USD) For Tokyo, that’s insanely cheap! We are both always broke, so we love cheap food that we don’t have to cook ourselves 🙂

See what I meant about the type of people? In the fashionable districts and on the weekends you see a lot more people dressed up though ^^ This happened to be a weekday afternoon in a place with a lot of offices nearby.

She made a lot of effort, though! Those eyelashes are FAKE!

I’m wearing a black t-shirt and jean miniskirt, and boots. So I fit right in XDDD

Okay, this is the inside of the shop. It was a real surprise!!! So so cute and retro! There were a ton of old retro toys =^-^=

Like Sleeping Beauty :3
But.. is Aladdin retro?? I’m OLD!

And Peter Pan and Mickey.

Get the best head in town at Lucky’s bar! (# ̄ー ̄#)eheh.

I had an omelette with chicken inside. It was pretty good! And omg, the miso soup was the best!

This is done at funerals, so it’s seen as very bad manners to stick your chopsticks into your rice and leave them there. Never mind that it’s the best place to put them between bites!

Alternatively, you can rest them on the top of your bowl, on the chopstick rester-thingy (called a “hashi-oki” in Japanese), or I suppose in your drink glass. Anywhere, as long as it’s not in your rice!

Advertisement for a “cabin room.” According to the sign, this room has a chair and a bed. You rent them by the hour, and well.. do what you might do alone in a room in a bed. Or not alone. Use your imagination! =^-^=

This train is outside the Ueno Natural History/Science museum. Great for train lovers! If you don’t know, I hate trains. But not cool ones like this where you don’t have to ride in them packed in like sardines!

There is also a whale outside 🙂

My, it’s blue today!

I think they are on a date.

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This panda is just telling us to be mindful of the construction going on in Ueno park.

The ceiling of Ueno station.

How are these two things different?

This was a promotion for travel to Thailand that we (me and the bf) randomly stumbled upon on our way home from Ueno station.


I loved her wing tattoos. A very interesting girl, I bet she has a lot of stories to tell.

This set of green tea canisters.. costs over 10,000 yen($100)!!

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People on the train! Whee!

This dude is the mascot for a realtor. I like looking through their magazines (which are free, btw!), to look at apartments that I’ll be able to afford one day. 🙂

Doori is one of several japanese words for “street.” Meguro is an affluent place downtown. Why was I there? :3

Either bike, or hold a small person’s hand. No other option. Good thing I wasn’t arrested for walking at night alone!

Cars 🙂

Me 🙂

If you look closely, you can see me again XD

Let’s all be friends now!

This was a cute drawing in the window, but the inside of the restaurant messed it up 🙂

Chairs and wine, for those that like that sort of thing.

And pretty walls of buildings that I walk by.

The name of this bar, Sakon, means “near left.” Not sure what that means. Any ideas?

Very hard to take pictures at night without a tripod. I’m still experimenting with this camera!

I thought the black spot was interesting.

There are people of all kinds in Tokyo!

Even kappa!

And doors! There are lots of doors everywhere 🙂

O who?

Isn’t this store neat? If I hadn’t been so tired, I would have stopped in. Instead I just took a picture of the outside and went on my merry way 🙂

Where should I go in Tokyo to take pictures? Any recommendations?? Please leave a comment!! (^o^)/

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  • novita

    hi jamie
    i have came across your blog last night so i’m starting to read your post since the beginning to see how you experience everything. interesting!!!! envy you that you can live there …. i didnt had a chance to live there even i studied japanese for 2 years in high school n was getting really good.

    anyway want to say, in chinese that sticking chopstick on rice also rude as it represents funeral/death.

    ok back on reading your posts ….

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