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A freakishly tall girl working in Tokyo Hooters (for an hour)

This was last winter (2010).

It was really cold, and my lovely editor at Asahi Weekly, arranged for me to get a little waitress-training for my column, Jamie on the Go. The idea was that I would learn the basics to waitressing at Hooters, and report on what it was like being ogled at while juggling burgers to work as a sexy-waitress. Plus (little-known fact), we all wanted to try out the restaurant!

Before I start, here is their homepage: http://www.hooters.co.jp/
It includes directions and a map, and yes, I recommend going, no matter what I might say here! 🙂

Um, so, I think that I was a waitress for about an hour. Maybe. It was a lot, lot harder than I thought it would be! Then, I joined my editor(s! This was apparently a story of interest, so we were not alone :3), and ate hot wings and tried to look anonymous. Which is hard enough given how I look. 6 feet tall, white, and oh yeah.. a woman, I sorta kinda stand out in Tokyo. Just a little. It really sucks at those times when you just want to disappear, y’know? ^^;

So, let me take you on a photo tour and story.
By the way, These pictures are all copyright Yoko Morihiro and Asahi Weekly. They’re also a year old, and are left over from the article. I thought it would be a shame if they never saw the light of day!

It was a fateful day. Cold as heck. (′▽`)ノ
I took off my jacket for about 30 seconds to take this photo. This was during my I will look cute in froofy miniskirts! phase. (Currently I’m migrating back into my classic-is-best phase.)

I didn’t eat all day, because I was afraid I would look fat in the pictures. Luckily, I’d end up getting free food at the end of the day, because I was famished! I was too nervous to eat beforehand, anyways.

There are no pictures behind-the-scenes, but basically..
We were introduced to the manager. Basically, the manager is a “guy who looks like he would be a manager at Hooters.” You may derive what you will. We never spoke after that day, but he was very businesslike with me. Points for him 🙂

I was led into the employee area in the back of the restaurant, and he helped me pick out the right size uniform for me. UM. You’ve seen the TINYTINYTINY uniforms they wear at Hooters, right?

I’m all for Women’s Lib, but they might be liberating a bit too much, if you know what I mean. However, taste and mileage will vary. I like to eat, so it was a one-time experience. :3

Anyways, it turns out that, contrary to my belief and desire to cover certain parts of my body in public, I wear a Hooters Uniform size Extra-Small. Who knew?! I still wear a large in some clothing lines! Not because I’m overweight, obviously, but just because my body is.. large. ^^;

Uniform in hand, I went to change. I had been told to wear a flesh-colored bra, so I’d bought the most padded one I could find, and inserted rolled-up socks in it. That’s why I have cleavage in these pictures! I still wear that bra when I want to feel like I have boobs. It makes me feel sorta kinda sexy. As sexy as one can feel in a really plain flesh-colored bra, anyways. :3

There was a slight mishap with the shoes. I will talk about this another time, but let’s just say that I know what it’s like to wear size 9 shoes when you should be wearing a ten.

This is how I looked! Thank goodness for the (tiny) apron, to help hide! Just a little bit, but every little bit helps!

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This is me and the head waitress. She’s a lifer, and SOSOSO nice! She not only showed me the ropes, but she also taught me about the sense of camaraderie and friendship the girls have there. Bonding over skimpy uniforms FTW. 🙂 Actually, I think the uniforms are kinda cute. If tight and uncomfortable.

That is.. they’re cute as long as I don’t have to wear them all the time! I thought about stealing one for halloween, but stealing is bad. :3 And Halloween is cold.

I learned how to send off an order to the kitchen.

There it goes!

Ta-dah! No slippage!

Then I learned a dance! When THE SONG comes on, all of the waitresses dance to it.

I has rhythm, yes I do..

A little early to celebrate, but why not! I messed up the song every time. I was just too nervous. Plus, I can’t dance. A fact I will have to remedy one day. Does anyone here dance? What dance will you do? Will you teach me?

One of these things is bigger than the others.

I can’t believe that I thought I was doing the toe-thing right! Hindsight is 20/20, ne.. ^^;

My head is small, isn’t it?
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That is what I took from that photo. ^^;

So, that was my experience working at Hooters in Tokyo. I was only there for about an hour, and the first half of that was getting dressed. The only people that I actually served were my editors, but it was still interesting!

And boy, my feet hurt! But overall, I mostly came away with the impression that waitressing is a really hard profession. It seems like it would be really tiring. While I would be okay doing it for an hour or even a day or so, I don’t think that I’d ever want to do it for a long time. Kudos to you, waitresses of the world! I’ll remember to thank you, and understand when my food is late. ^o^;

Do I want to go back to Hooters? Why yes, definitely! But this time as a paying customer! 😀

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