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Visiting the Hiking Hawaii Cafe in uptown Honolulu

Situated right in-between the Ala Moana Shopping Center and the famous Waikiki district, the Hiking Hawaii Cafe is located on the first floor of the Hilton DoubleTree Inn, and I found it by accident.

Actually, Yelp popped a message up on my phone: Check Out these Hot&New restaurants in your area! (Yelp is not sponsoring this, lol). Usually, this message is garbage for me, as Yelp loves to suggest steakhouses and Seafood restaurants despite my profile clearly indicating that I don’t eat meat. Where’s that eyeroll emoji when I need it?

This time, though, it was exactly that thing I’d been looking for my entire time in Hawaii! The reviews said they had vegan hummus pizza and a lot of mixed juices. Oh heck yeas!

The Good:

OMG yum! The vegan pizza was amazing!! Although the description on the menu never mentioned that there would be a salad on top covered in a vinaigrette, so I had to have it remade (strong vinegar smells make me nauseous) without it. I should mention that the cook shouted from the back to the hostess (we were seated near the front) asking if it was just okay to just remove the salad instead of remake the whole pizza, even though I’d explained that I couldn’t have vinegar at all, and that made it a little bit awkward…

Just a suggestion: maybe the menu should be updated so that this doesn’t happen again. 🙂 Surely I’m not the only one who can’t stand vinegar. Am I? Is there a support group? I could never eat mayonnaise as a kid, even though it came on every premade sandwich in existence, and I can’t even eat premade vegan sandwiches either because it’s always on them. Why the obsession? Vinegar smells like sour yeast, and tastes even worse– how can anyone eat that stuff??????

Oh, and my juice? YUM! I had a kale one, and my friend had a beet-based one. I think I’m in love with beets!

The bad:

Well, there was the vinegar thing. But otherwise, this place gets full marks from me! 100% awesome! Although I wasn’t planning on reviewing it at the time, so I didn’t take interior shots, the interior was really earthy and homey. Just my vibe! I loved it!!! They also focused on sustainability (for the most part), and you could even sign up for guided hiking excursions! Pretty cool!

I’m really glad that I found this random place, and I will definitely be back! I’ll ask ahead for no vinegar this time.

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