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My itty bitty Japanese bathtub!

It’s been another whirlwind week! From now on, I’m setting my blog to update every day at 12:01am (Japan time). Click to find out what time that is for you! It’ll be updated occasionally in-between too, of course! I could write for years. 🙂

To be honest, I spent most of this week tinkering with my blog, so I hardly went out at all. But that’s okay, every once in a while! What else would an artist do? (Though this week is packed) Earlier on in the week was Typhoon Roke. It was weird, because it seemed to mark the change of weather from Summer to Winter. What happened to fall? Temperatures fell over 20 degrees F (10ish C) in a day. And stayed that way, long after the typhoon was over.

I’m already wearing jackets. For some people, they really enjoy this, but… my arms (and legs) are really long. Apparently, they’re freakishly long, because shirts and jackets in the states are 2-5 inches too short on average. So it doesn’t take too much imagination to imagine how hard it is here! 。゜゜(´□`。) I usually “make do” with being badly dressed, or add extra fabric to coats. This year, maybe I’ll finally make my own…. err, maybe? I used to cosplay, but I’m not the world’s most patient seamstress!

But.. enough of the whining!! ^^;; The ONE good thing abut cooler weather is the advent of the ability to soak in a long bath without feeling like you’re going to die from heatstroke! So what did I do? Took some pictures of my bathroom! Aren’t you excited? (LOL)

No clapping, please 🙂

First, I needed some ammunition for the tub! This means a delicious-smelling powder that I can pour into the water to turn it pretty colors and make it smell nice 🙂

Like these!

And here are some more..

There are all kinds out there! You can buy them all over in Japan, from the pharmacies to novelty or specialty stores. 🙂

Those in the middle there are supposedly based on your blood type! Who knows whether they really work or not, though.. XP

A bunch of different brands. Every time I look in a store, there are new and different kinds! They range from around 100 yen ($1USD) up to 500 yen ($5). I generally stick in the cheaper range.

I’ve tried all kinds, and to be honest, they’re all pretty much just scented water. They say that they’re special and contain milk/honey/seat salt/chocolate/caffeine/etc etc etc, but really… they’re just yummy-smelling stuff in the end. 🙂

My favorite so far was probably the chocolate one I had last winter once time :3

I ended up choosing Kappa-flavored! Well, okay, not flavored… It says that it’s the “water that a kappa would bathe in.” It’s got cucumber extract in it… whatever that is. From a spa in Hokkaido. I didn’t know that Kappa frequented Hokkaido! I should travel to Hokkaido more often! Totally obsessed with Kappa ヾ(*ΦωΦ)ノ

By the way, this is a kappa: Wikipedia says… (Read it later!)

Predictably, it’s green!

Light wonders if he can use this to his advantage..

Hey, Brain, what are we going to do tonight?

The same thing we do every night, Pinky..

Take over the world!!
Oh, this is my bathtub.

..Isn’t it big?

The water turned a pale green when I put the powder in..

I don’t know why Japanese bathrooms have this, but they always have a faucet that runs only cold water. No heater attached! I hang my loofah on it, because really… what else can I use it for? O.o;;;

You can’t tell well, but if I sit up in the bathtub, the water comes up to my neck! My legs also are scrunched up to my neck. It’s tiny, but deep! The opposite of American bathtubs!

By the way, this is the shampoo that I use. Not very exciting, but it comes in pretty bottles. :3 I like it because it’s very thick, and my hair is quite damaged from years of dyeing it.

Hey Rita, what are we going to do tonight…

That’s about it! :3 It’s back to work on my manga tonight, until bedtime! 🙂 Tomorrow I have to work on-location. You know, outside the house, like a normal person! (For Asahi Weekly) It’s going to be a blast!

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