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Time has flown by! Not literally, since I’ve barely flown in my life at all. (It’s not within my budget, at least not yet!). But a week ago, my Japanniversary came and went quietly.

My Japanniversary is basically the anniversary of my landing in Japan. In my case, this be the 16th of September, 2004. Seven years ago. I was still a bit partied-out from my birthday party last month, so I didn’t want to do anything extravagant, and just decided to have a tiny girls-only party at a little restaurant in Shibuya. (My boyfriend/the love of my life also came, but he is a special case, and he has long hair anyways, so maybe he qualifies? ^^)

Anyways, this was a year of ups and downs for me. Probably, to be honest, mainly downs. I could just never seem to get things to go the way that I hoped they would, no matter what I did or how I tried. I did a lot of crying, mainly (I hope) in private. Also, a lot of complaining on twitter or facebook. But I always held fast to the belief that things would get better, as long as I didn’t give up. Maybe that’s why it hurt so much. But that’s probably why, now, finally, things are starting to turn around. It’s a long story to tell a whole year in detail, so I’ll summarize it as this: I’m going to keep working hard for what I want, what I believe in! This blog is a new start for me in a way, and like the new blog, I’m just going to keep getting better too!

+1 for personal improvement! \(^o^)/ Anyways, more polls and a very important question at the end of this post. ^^


Here are a few pictures of some of my gal friends and I, who lived it up, right across from a very obvious matchmaking party. (called a gou-kon in Japanese) I wonder if any of the people actually found their “match”, and how many got lucky that night? Sadly, my voyeur self will probably never know! ;o;

We went to a tiny indian restaurant in Shibuya called Tom Boy. The reason I picked it? Well, just look at the image on the front of their home page: http://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ000767033/

(Plus, it stated that the entire restaurant was non-smoking, which they assured me over the phone. But that didn’t seem to be the case as later in the evening it started smelling like cigarettes.. :x).

Adele offers up a prayer of thanks for the meal.. (or more likely, for the dessert that she didn’t know was coming!)

Sarah and Kimberly discuss the finer points of breaking bread (in this case, a nan – a type of flat bread you’ll be familiar with if you eat Indian food a lot ^^)


Adele and I had discussed ordering the very special-looking parfait (sundae?) that the restaurant advertised on the front of their page. It did say that it was for 6~8 people, but I don’t think that anyone at the table was prepared for..

The picture does NOT do it justice….

It was actually bigger than my head! It was giant!!

(And delicious!) (That is said boyfriend’s arm there on the left. He doesn’t like pictures of him online, so I guess an arm will have to do.. >.> He’s really good-looking, though, so I don’t get why. Maybe I’ll draw him into my manga one day. *^^*)

At least, I thought so. I think my friends enjoyed me more than the sundae. And the girl behind us definitely did. XD

I meant what I said about how big it is! (don’t pay attention to the crazy girl. She just likes ice cream.. a lot).


Adele is satiated after helping to make work of the giant sundae-of-doom. Sarah, however, is imitating a prarie dog (love you! ♥)

[poll id=”21″]

Just kidding, the only answer is FOREVER AND EVER ♥ ILU, Japan!!! Besides, if I don’t stay here, then I can’t publish manga here, and perhaps more importantly, I’ll lose my whole identity as a “foreigner in Japan.” (just kidding! I don’t think of myself that way. It’s a bit of a stereotype here, though. I suppose if I have to explain my joke, then it’s not really that funny, right? ^^)

Here’s to my eighth year being the best ever!

I do have a question for those gracious enough to leave a comment: In the last year, in what biggest way do you think you’ve changed? Feel free to post pictures along with your comments! (You can just click the link underneath to upload them to my server!)

By the way, my answer is: I think that I’ve become able to see things from the point-of-view of others. I think (hope) that it’s made me more understanding, less quick to judge, and possibly, hopefully, a better listener. And nicer. ^^

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