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Living Tall in Japan, part 53

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Ah, the fangirl life!

Today, I had a TOTAL fangirl moment. ^^;;;;; I seriously thought that, ‘hey, Tenimyu is in less than 2 weeks’ and completely freaked. I mean, the exciting kind where I start dancing around alone! AAAAAAAH, Tenimyu!!! ♥ Tenimyu!! So gay!!!! ♥

That preeeeetty much sums up my life back then. I was living the fangirl life, and it was probably the best time of my life ::sings I had a dream so big and loud, I jumped so high I touched the clouds:: Wait, I need mood music for this post! 

There! I was so happy back then. Even though I experienced my first real hater, it didn’t faze me for all that long. I have no idea what exactly happened back then, but I wrote a private rant in my livejournal with absolutely no context whatsoever, which consisted entirely of this:

Calling me absolutely and completely wrong… now that is one SERIOUS way to piss me off. Especially when it’s not true and if you’re so much an expert you should know it! Rude, plain RUDE!!!! When she called me that, it’s the only time I’ve sworn recently (well I was swearing to the computer screen but still XP) and it was meant as an actual swear word, not just a random glitch in conversation (watched too much of The Simple Life– I swear too much now ^^;;). ::growl::

BITCHbitchbitchbitch!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t act like you know everything and put me down!! I HATE PEOPLE LIKE THAT!! I refuse to reply to your stupid comments anymore. Gah. Can’t stand self-righteous people who insult me!

Okay, now that I got THAT out of my system! I was really pissed off there for a moment! (still am kinda touchy) xgsdfsfse3$^$&% Look, I ranted, whoa…. o.o LOL that’s what my rants look like, XD!!

Oh man, that passion, haha! I’m still a really passionate person, and someone telling me that I’m absolutely wrong when I have evidence to the contrary still pushes my buttons. I wonder what happened back then. I want to feel free enough to rant like that again. That hater, whoever s/he was, was the first of what eventually became many. So, so many, pretty much all of whom were so, so angry about my “luck” at living a fun, exciting life in Japan. I still have no idea what makes people so angry when they read about someone having a great time. At the time, I was boiling over with anger, but the thing is? As angry as I was when it happened, I was totally over it by the time that my friends arrived in Japan a few days later.

Remember how I had just moved into a tiny studio? It was a really good thing that I had no furniture, not even a bed, because I had to fit myself, three friends, my clothes, computer, and all of their suitcases into an 80 square foot room. I spread out futon mats to cover the entire floor, and we squished into a people-pile there, with our suitcases in the hallway. What a time!

Oh yeah, and I’d never met any of them in person before. They were all friends that I had met online, basking in our mutual love of Tenipuri, role-playing, and yaoi. We ended up going on so many adventures that I barely know where to start!

How about with a crazy seiyuu hunt through the city?

So, this week… This week has literally flown by~! This is good, because it means that I’ve been having fun!! But also bad, because it will be over faster.. but it’s going to get even BETTER!!! I have a LOT of things to write, but I will try to be as concise as I can~

On Tuesday I picked up Hiku, Kei, Mew, and Sunny from the airport. I was really nervous at first, and I had a lot of time to think on the train ride there and in the waiting area… but (of course) they all turned out to be awesome!! I’m really happy to have them here, they’re a lot of fun to be around! Hiku and Kei are staying with me, Mew and Sunny are staying in Ikebukuro. So far it’s just been a lot of sightseeing when I’m with them and shopping, but on the 4th we went seiyuu-stalking! XD Or really, we visited the offices where Minagawa Junko and Midorikawa Hikaru (and many others!) work! It was surprisingly easy to find their offices!!

The sign says moshi moshi monkey…. XD This was nearby one of the offices that we went to.

Sunny, Hiku, Mew, and Kei while out seiyuu-hunting~

Here is the Tokyo Actor’s Consumer’s Cooperative Society, where beloved Minagawa Junko, Suwabe, and many many others work. Well, their agency, anyway!

See the SR Samurai Ryoma poster in the window?! I wanted that SO badly!

Mew touching the doorhandle because Suwabe had. XD

On the stairs inside, they had pictures of some of the voice actors. We couldn’t go farther than the stairs, we weren’t allowed in. I mean, it is a place of work…

And the Atobe poster on the window. Geeeeeee, wonder who works (still, maybe?) there?

Unrelated, but nearby: Jerassic Park! Get your game in there!

Hey, another seiyuu building! This was the agency that represented Midorikawa Hikaru and a lot of other big-name seiyuu. But wait, I’m old. Is Hikaru even big-name anymore, or is his name only someone who loved 90s anime would recognize?

Kei and I went up to the door inside. Yes, up the elevator…. XD

We probably went out to eat after that, but who wants to hear about that? The next day, I went to a Nagayan fanclub event, and things got even crazier for this fangirl… I can’t wait to write about that!

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  • GuitarFreak

    Hey there! I looooove you blog! It’s really fun to read and gives me hope that my dreams will come true like so many of yours did. I’ve just read latest Living Tall in Japan, now to start on the Prince of Tennis! Your drawings are cute too, especially the cover for the book (you did draw that, right?).

    Btw, I’m a manga fan too… I wouldn’t say otaku, but QUITE close to it XD

    Staying tuned for next entry, and looking forward to it!!

  • Elisabeth

    Woah, is that a poster for Bleach that I see in the window?! I’ll be (ticket gods willing) going to support some of my favorite actors in the new Rock Musical Bleach performance soon! Crazy to see how things work in cycles… I almost feel like I’m following in your footsteps! ww

    • Jamie Lynn Lano

      It is, and that’s awesome!! I saw the original Bleach Musical (and all of them after until I started working for Sensei). You’re going to have a blast!!! I would love to hear about how it goes, and your adventures in my other homeland. 🙂

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