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25 Random things about me… and Dr. Who?

My girlfriend just jetted off on a spiritual journey to India. I miss her sooooooooo much! Hopefully I have enough money to travel next year. The good side, though, is that I should have enough time to finish Denkiki by the time that she comes back. No distractions!! Except Halloween, yeah…

Justin and I are having a Halloween party at our place, which should be pretty low-key. I miss going out in Shibuya to have fun with friends and look at costumes, but last Saturday, I sprained my ankle while playing Quidditch, so walking anywhere crowded isn’t really in the cards. Oh well, more time to work! Again.

I will post more about that, but let’s take a little relaxer! I found this meme on Tumblr, and wanted to give it a go. Here we are:

25 Random Facts About Me (!)

1. I am a 35-year-old CIS female.

2. I brush and floss every day, but I had 9 cavities at my last checkup. 9!! WTF! My teeth have always been weak and I don’t know what to do about it. Hoping that #4 will help, since I heard that it does.. *points down*

3. I am owned by two cats – Sansa, 3 1/2, born a stray in Japan, and Luna, 3(?), unknown (I think she was a stray, I got her from the Honolulu ASPCA). My life would not be the same without them, and I think about them constantly when I’m not home.

4. I just started drinking wheatgrass shots every morning in lieu of coffee. It seems healthier, and they taste so yummy!

5. I can’t choose my favorite Star Trek. It’s either The Next Generation or Deep Space Nine. Voyager, too, is right in there! Oh, and I like Enterprise! I don’t like TOS too much, aside from the movies. It’s too campy, lol.

6. Speaking of too campy, I don’t really like Doctor Who, and I feel like that fact undermines my geek cred. But…. the visuals are so bad, the acting is bad, and Amy is so, so awful! I tried watching several later seasons, and really hoped that the one with Karen Gillan in it would be awesome because she was perfect in Selfie, but my list of reasons why I don’t like the show only grew the more that I gave it a chance. Surely I’m not the only non-fan out there? I just don’t get the appeal…

7. One reason that I left Japan was that I could join a paranomal investigation team in the States (like TAPS from Ghost Hunters), but there’s only one in Hawaii, and they would not return my inquiries no matter how many times I tried. Rawr.

8. I’m atheist. I always have been. I’ve never, ever honestly believed in any sort of god or deity, at least not in the way that most religions prescribe them. It’s more like, if such a being (or beings) exist, then why would anyone want to worship them? Why not work together in a partnership to further both of our societies?

9.My favo-favo-favorite holiday is Christmas! Although I like Halloween and Easter, too. Purely as secular holidays, I enjoy the celebrations surrounding them. So much fun!

10. I don’t have a favorite color. I really, really can’t choose!!! I usually answer “rainbow” if asked. Lately, I really love sky blue, and can’t get enough of pastels!

11. COLD AND ME DO NOT MIX. But I get too bored of one temperature all year round. >.>;

12. My “favorite book” (the answer you’ll get if asked) is The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne, followed closely by Jack London’s White Fang. But to be honest, those answers haven’t changed since I was a kid. I reread both books so many times that they fell apart. But I haven’t read them in years, and I wonder if I should change my answer…

13. I’m listening to the sountrack to Game of Thrones season one right now.

14. Speaking of that, I read the books so long before the tv show started that I forgot most of what happened by the time that the show came out. I tried to read Dance with Dragons, but I had forgotten so much that I gave up on it until I can go back and read from the beginning. ^^;

15. I liked Glee in the beginning, but gave up after the first season. Loved the music, but the show was too random!

16. My first date was supposed to be watching Titanic at the theater with a guy from my art class in high school, but I invited a friend to join us because I wasn’t interested in it being an actual date (versus hanging out). He stood me (us?) up anyways, and I had a great time grinning while Leonardo’s character died. Love Jack, just had a thing for guys that I was supposed to swoon over and couldn’t understand the appeal. (Back then, I’d also never heard of being a lesbian… yes, it’s true. Times like those existed, and not that long ago!)

17. My favorite singer is Taylor Swift, and I fell in love with her both for her video to Love Story, and that she seemed like a girl who took control of her career without becoming a sex object. I loved that about her!! She seems to be changing, but I’m not sure if it’s just me. I may have to let her go, though it would kill me to do so. I don’t know…

18. I believe that something like reincarnation is probably going on, and that in my past life, I was a mermaid. Well, I get that feeling while near the sea, anyways, especially the stormy, dark sea. The tropics have a very different feel to me.

19. I was so obsessed with The OC while I was in college that I would get on P2P sharing groups and obsessively hunt down tiny little copies of that week’s show (because I can’t plan my life around what is on at what time). There were no torrents, no netflixes, no hulus back then.

20. I believe that unicorns and dragons were probably things that existed. But I don’t believe in magic. I like the idea of magic, but I know that everything has a scientific explanation. Just because we haven’t found it yet, doesn’t mean that we should label it as ‘magic’ and leave it at that!

21. I’m a vegan, and it’s one of the best choices that I’ve ever made. I’m as sure of this decision as I am that going to Japan was a good thing for me. It has changed my life in so many great ways!

22. I want to go back to college and get a second degree, possibly in Exobiology! I’d also like to become involved in cryptozoology.

23. I’m 100% against animal testing for any reason. Yes, advancements in medical science have happened and continue to happen because of it, but I do not believe that we have the right to harm animals for any reason. I’m also against euthanasia for suffering animals for the same reason. They have to be able to tell us that they want to die, and understand what death is, before I would be okay with it. I’m okay with assisted suicide, although I don’t agree that it’s a good solution to anything, because a person has a right to do what they want with their own body.

24. My dream car as an elementary school student was a limousine. Now, it’s an electric or hybrid (being realistic) that looks like a mini-coop or classic car! Looooooooooove those old, curved lines! Today’s cars lack personality.

25. I want nothing more than to finish this first comic and say “I DID IT!!!” I’m really looking forward to figuring out what I’ll do from there. That said…..

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