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My Japanese Husband Thinks I’m Crazy!

I tried to imitate Grace’s style… did I succeed? It sort of ended up halfway in-between our styles, lol. I’m no master imitator like that guy who did those Sailor Moon portraits, that’s for sure!

Oh, wait, what was I talking about? This is going to sound really advertise-y, but I’m not getting paid for this. I’m writing it because I want to. As in, I really, really loved these books SO much!

One evening, I was especially missing Japan (I do that a lot, especially when I’m stressed-out or upset. I am increasingly thinking that I’ll end up moving back someday, but anyways!), and I was browsing Amazon for some retail therapy. Grace’s book, My Japanese Husband Thinks I’m Crazy, had come up about a million times in the search results, but I always ended up passing it by because I wasn’t married. I didn’t think that out experiences would be all that similar. One night, though, I decided, what the hey, I’d go to her blog that the book was compiled from, and read the comics there. What could I lose but time, anyways, right?

Oh, I used up a lot of time, but it wasn’t a loss at all! I fell in love with her cute, quirky style, the craziness in which she lives her life (we have similar ways of thinking about a lot of things), and the gung-ho positive note with which she wrote. She’s also in-and-out of depression, like me. Her stories made me chuckle, and I related to them SO MUCH, and started to miss Japan 687,5492 times more. Really. (Thanks, Grace) So, I liked her Facebook page, and saw that she was writing a second book. When I saw that she was looking for people to review her new book, I swallowed my fear and sent her an email.

I don’t know why, but I find this sort of email really nervewracking! It’s like, how will fangirling “Hi, I really love your work, you are so talented and I am a huge fan! I related to your experiences a lot, and here is info about me, too, just in case…” come across? She’ll think I’m weird, right? It will seem braggy that I mentioned my stuff, right? But I do that so that people get a sense of who I am….. aaaah! You guys know what I mean, right? Anyways, the email that I got back was long and sweet, and she even knew who I was and had read my blog! AHH! I’m glad that I swallowed my fear.. speaking of which, I really need to write her back now. ^o^;;

So, I read both books, and that was the point of this post, right? They were so, so awesome! She gave me the e-books for free before publication, but right now, EVERYONE can get them for free on Kindle! Go, quickly, before the free promotion ends!


Not that more-than-free is a bad price AT ALL! They’re SO definitely worth it! The print versions are definitely on my Wishlist (which I use as a to-buy list, although you’re welcome to send me a surprise present from it anytime if you want to make my day!) for me to get one day. Unless someone beats me to it! Which reminds me, I want to send Grace a copy of The Princess of Tennis, too. 🙂

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