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Hawaii in Panorama

I was just thinking about all of the panoramas that I’ve taken with my iPhone in Hawaii, and I thought, why not post my favorites? PS: The iPhone panorama feature is soooooooo much fun! I don’t need a new hobby, but it just happened! I’m powerless to resist!

…wow, that took a lot longer than I thought it would. I hope that you enjoy! *goes back to work*

(Click on the pictures to see them full-size)


This is Bellows Beach, which is a private military beach on the S-E side of the island.


The Jungles around here look like Jurassic Park!

Eating on Waikiki Beach…


Waikiki Beach, the westernmost part of it. 


Inside of Zpizza, which I love because they have vegan pizza! It’s pretty decent, though I wouldn’t say that it’s anything overly spectacular. I don’t really like Daiya cheese much.


On Wheeler Airfield, which is where I stayed when I first got to Hawaii. ^^


Ala Moana Beach park. 🙂


The view from a friend’s balcony. I am so jealous… they get this apartment as part of the low-income housing. It’s a 2BR, with a panoramic view of the ocean for only $1200…. people pay millions for that view. ToT I want in, but there’s a huge waiting list.


When I first got here, me and some of the other Quidditch players painted all of the pipes. They were so pretty, but they’re all dirty now! ^^;;


More Ala Moana beach park. I go here every weekend to play Quidditch….


While hiking in the middle of nowhere, we found a service road decorated with graffifti. XD;; I’m not sure who even has access to this road outside of hikers and government officials?

We hiked to this pretty waterfall, which to date is still my favorite hike!



This is turtle beach!! Yes, there were huge turtles, but they wouldn’t come up on the beach. Too bad!! This is really near Disney’s Aulani resort, which I haven’t had a chance to go to yet. I would like to, though!

While hiking, I thought it would be fun to take a sideways panorama from my shoes!



More shoes and friends!


This is another hike.. I like hiking, but it’s not my favorite thing. However, because it’s free and people invite me, I seem to go a lot…. I need to get in better shape! Working on it…. Anyways, isn’t the view gorgeous?


Then, we ended up at these gooooooooorgeous tidepools. Huge tidepools that you could swim in, and were full of tropical fish. See them down there? The water went over my head in most places! And when you were sitting in them, sometimes a powerful wave would come up and rush the shore, causing the water to spill into the tidepools and sweep you way back, over the rocks. I got a bit scraped up, but it was so much fun! I really, really want to go back.



More Ala Moana beach park, lol. You know why.


There’s a geocache located down here in the rocks, supposedly. I was feeling too tired to climb down, but I will someday!


This panorama is a bit weird, but I was trying to get the rainbow. I see rainbows here every day, but it’s hard to get a good shot. Someday!!

This is in Kailua, the “rich” part of the island. I personally prefer Honolulu, and this part doesn’t seem particularly rich to me, as the houses mostly look average suburban-style, but if you want to live on Oahu and not in the city, this is probably the best place. Obama even vacations here!


This is the beach next to Turtle Bay. 🙂


Chinaman’s Hat is what that island off in the distance is called. 


And here is where I spent Christmas! All by myself, but the beach cures all ailments, right??Back to work! I’m mostly about working these days.  A lot to do… a LOT.

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