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Yesterday, I had a meeting with Courtney from Kawaii Kon (Hawaii’s annual big anime con, with about 8,000 people).

She is such a sweetie! She was really nice to talk to.

So, I want to give you all some details. I’m going to be running three panels there, as long as no changes pop up:
1) Living in Japan (what it is like living and working as a foreigner in Japan)
2) Working as an Assistant Manga artist in Japan (you know what I’ll talk about here!)
3) Making manga the Japanese way (introducing the materials and then using them to make a short manga or illustration)

How cool is that?!

I’m looking for people to join me for the first panel (I have asked some, feel free to write me (jamie@jamieism.com) if you’re going to be there and want to contribute! I’ll also look for more people), and for the last panel, I’m going to look for sponsors. This will be a HUGE challenge for me, because I am really, really shy about asking for that kind of thing. But it would be great for a business, I think, and not much money for them, either.

I also will have a table in Artist Alley, which is a FIRST for me! Oh my god, it’s less than three months away, and I have no idea how I am going to have awesome things for it! I’m not much of a fanart-print person (though I love looking at them!), I’m more of a make-comics/books person. Can I even have enough ready by then?!?!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Okay, Jamie, stop freaking out! I’ll just post this, and then do some reading/sketching (remember that I’m designing a book cover for a friend? I’m working on that today, then going out for just a little while to say goodbye to Erin and Janet. Aww).

And one last thing… What day of the week do you want me to start publishing my webcomic (Living Tall in Japan– see a few posts down) on? Go here to vote: https://www.facebook.com/jamie.lynn.lano/posts/800043986711018

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Hi! This is Jamie Lynn Lano! I am a Washington State (USA) native who: ☆ Holds a Bachelors of the Arts in Media Arts & Animation from AiPx. ☆ Worked as an assistant mangaka in Japan for Konomi Takeshi on The Prince of Tennis. ☆ Was an essay columnist for Asahi Weekly from 2008-2013. ☆ Was the star of Asahi Pop'n Press on Asahi TV (Japan) from 2009-2013 ☆ Was a write for Metropolis magazine in 2010. ☆ Has kept a blog foreeeeeeeeever! First and Current blogs.


  • Willeke

    Oh wow, I wish there was some way I could see your panels, they sound really fun! If I were there, I’d totally want to contribute!

    I don’t have any specific preference for your webcomic. Usually I just catch up on all blogs, comics and anime from one week all at once, whenever I have some time and feel like reading them. That time is usually on the weekend though, if that helps. (but if it isn’t, I’ll just read it the next weekend, no problem.) ^^

    • Jamie Lynn Lano

      I might ask you to record a short video for me talking about your experiences for the panel! You have a very different experience than most of my friends, as you went to a Japanese university, and your social and work life was very different, not to mention that you have a different viewpoint, coming from a different country! 😀

      • Willeke

        Really? =O I don’t think I’m good at that sort of thing because my voice is horrible and I have no confidence in my spoken English at all ORZ; But if there’s anything specific you’d like me to talk about (I wouldn’t want it to overlap with the rest of your panel too much), I’ll work something out and give it a try! ^^

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