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Iolani p…. nope! No Iolani palace for me, and that’s okay!

I just read the comments from yesterday, and eeeeeeep! I’m all squishy and excited inside! There are so many of you out there, supporting me when I sort of feel like I’m feeling my way through the dark. I won’t disappoint you! I promise! So… let me write a little bit about my yesterday.

I actually had a  fabulous time yesterday, and totally fell right asleep when I got home, which is why I’m writing you all (and myself– this blog is also to myself) in the morning instead. 🙂 Janet and Erin are in town!!! Erin, I’ve known for… at least ten years now. We met in Japan through Eda, and together, the three of us traveled all over, went to a jillion Tenimyus, and just basically enjoyed life. Erin introduced me to her childhood friend Janet somewhere along the way, and although she lived in Osaka and I in Tokyo, we got together a number of times over the years and performed various hijinks. Like the crazy people that we are!

I love them both so much!

We were supposed to meet up at Iolani palace in the early afternoon, so I took phone calls and started to work on LivingTall, until I realized that I had to catch the bus and get out of here! I did, and made it over to Iolani Palace a little bit early. I like being early, and besides, I was excited! I’d only just barely learned that Janet and Erin were even in Hawaii! But I fell victim to Erin’s lateness.

In Tokyo, Erin was so notorious for her lateness that once, Eda and I told her to meet us at Shinjuku station an hour earlier than we actually needed to be there. Of course, that was the one time that she was on time! In her own words, as we were laughing about that yesterday, “I figured that I’d get my sh*t together and be all on time for once!” So, yes… yesterday, her and Janet were so late that I ended up walking all over Waikiki, buying them some macadamia nuts, and then finally just meeting them. It turns out that they were listening to a time share presentation…. and actually bought in! Ahaha! I thought it was hilarious. But this is good, as I’ll actually see them again next year, I hope!

We ended up resting for a bit in their hotel (the first time that I’ve been in a hotel in Hawaii! And now that I think of it, I’ve NEVER been in a hotel room in Tokyo. Ever.), and then we went to have dinner on the beach. I took them to Islands Bar&Grill, where the hostess thoughtfully sat us right next to the band, and we had to shout over each other to be heard.

At least we had fun anyways. I even ran into someone that I know while waiting for the bus home. This is getting to be a common occurrence.

Today is going to be a really, really busy day. I am babysitting my friend Drea’s daughters for a little while while she’s at the doctor, and then at 5, I have a meeting with Courtney from Kawaii Kon to talk about my panels. After that, I think that I’m going to another friend’s place for our weekly Pretty Little Liars viewing party. I SO need an A t-shirt!

Somewhere in there, I am going to try and finish reading the book that I’m doing the cover for. That’s my main goal for the day. Although I kinda only want to draw….. but I suppose that it’s just one day. I can wait for tomorrow, right? Well, maybe a chibi before I get dressed…… stay tuned to my twitter/instagram for art/pics!

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  • Caroline

    I’m so happy you’re blogging again! I’m also delighted to hear that things are coming together for you in Hawaii!

    I’m super excited to see more of your art coming through, you’re wicked talented.

    Keep it up! Hopefully in the future you can come to Toronto for TCAF or Anime North <3.

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