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Welcome to Hawaii, part 2

3.. 2.. 1…

I Love Hawaii!

Just over a month has passed now, and most of my first month was taken up with looking for jobs, looking for apartments, and making a ton of friends. There was also San Diego Comic Con! I want to write about Comic Con, and all of the crazy mishaps that happened before I even left Hawaii, but I’m hoping to get some good pictures back from my panel! If you took any photos at my panel, send them to me at jamie@jamieism.com!

So, a few things have happened. I have had little time for leisure, but I now have a new place to stay, with the lovely cosplayer Leah Rose and her husband. It’s pretty much in the middle of Oahu, so until I get a car or move to my dream city, Honolulu, it’s still quite a chore to get over there. (It’s a 30 minute drive or less, depending on traffic, but on the bus it’s closer to 2 hours. Yikes! I really miss Japanese trains. I think that I’ve said that before.) I can’t wait until I’m relocated, but who can really complain? I’m LIVING (barely) in Hawaii!!!!! \(^o^)/

So, until last week, I was running around trying to figure things out, and every time that I went out, it generally meant 4-5 hours of my day wasted on a bus. This is why I’ve been so quiet! And then, last week, I spent pretty much every day working with some of the members of the Quidditch team here, repairing and painting our quidditch hoops and poles, and updating the brooms. They’re sky blue and silver-striped now (my idea), and quite awesome if I do say so myself!

So. Yes. Quidditch. I’ve gotten involved in Quidditch! Is that really a shock? A few years ago, on Twitter, I freaked out when I found out that real-life muggle Quidditch was a thing that was being done. I wanted to play so badly that I got some friends together in Tokyo, wondering if we could start a team. But I was too busy to manage one, and I didn’t have a car to lug around all of the equipment. So, it faltered. But then I found out that in Hawaii, the place that I wanted to go, there was already a team.


The team here, called The Nightmarchers, has been having some membership problems and never been able to go to any of the regional playoffs (there are about 400 teams in the US alone!). It doesn’t help that this is Hawaii, so there aren’t any other teams around to play against and hone their skills. But I’m full of all of this gung-ho spirit, so I’m working with our team captain and co-captain, in addition to a few others, to totally change that! I don’t know what will happen, but I am having a BLAST playing every Saturday. Running around with a broom clamped between my legs under the sun in 85 degree heat and high humidity is a bit killing, but you know what what means? I’m going to get in really amazing shape! 😀

Here’s a picture of the team as of last week. I’d say that about half of them are regular members. Can you find me? 😉

It’s so, sooooooo nerdy. I love it!

I haven’t had a lot of chances to explore the island (Oahu) thanks to being fairly limited in transportation, but the amazing Jeremiah and Kelly (who opened up their home to me for over a month!) did take me around the island! Want to see the pictures? I know that you do! 😉


The beach just goes on and on…

If this looks like scenery out of Jurassic Park, that’s because it was filmed right here on the island.

I like like Hawaii!

I forget the name of this beach, but it is one on the North shore of Oahu, which you can only access if you are military personnel, or escorted by one (like me!). 😉

This is a little, private beach between some houses that we found on our way around the island. I particularly admired the confidence of the man in the red speedo. 😉

We’re approaching Honolulu…. this was actually my first glimpse of the city of my dreams! <3

This is the southern end of Waikiki beach…. a place that I’d been looking forward to for years!

Alright… there’s plenty more coming soon, including Comic Con, Quidditch, Hawaiian sunsets, and my team for Gishwhes. What’s that? You’ll find out! (^o-) Aloha(mora)!

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