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Typhoon Roke “aftermath” ^o^;

Well, as there was very little damage, there sure wasn’t a lot to take pictures of in my little suburb of Tokyo! We can be thankful for that– L definitely was!

I did walk around my neighborhood and take a few pictures, anyway.. I suppose I might be a bit of a stalker. Anyhow.. enjoy!! When I get into something (like photography), I really drown myself in it! (^o^)/

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Part of this bush was stripped of it’s leaves due to heavy winds.

I thought, “Twilight!!” when I first saw this sign. English is my native language, but it wasn’t until later that I realized my mistake.. ^^;

Old lady and her umbrella. It was no longer raining, but you can never be too careful!

This tiny show is really run-down and sells milk. I wonder how their business does, considering the same brand of milk is also sold in the giant discount store next door. That store also sells liquor, so their business is quite bustling, while I’ve never seen anyone stop at the other store. If they sold the milk in glass bottles, I would probably come there, but for now I go to the discount store. ^^;

L loves the blue sky after a storm.

Half storm-cloud and half azure skies 🙂


I don’t know!

This little bush blew over. That’s pretty much as bad as it got here, though I saw on the news that some trees fell over in Shibuya. :O

Is this a Japanese thing, to clean the outdoors? Back in Washington, we used to keep our yard clean, but the street in front of our house? Nope.

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I spoke too soon– the storm clouds started rolling in as I was out and about!

Hurry, it’s going to rain!

This was the worst I saw. We were very lucky! It’s also a good thing the nuclear plants weren’t damaged!

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A lot to do today! It’s raining again, but at least I’m indoors now. =^-^= Have a great day, guys, and leave a comment if you can! *^^*

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